Local Guides

Seasonal Local Guides & Theme Issues

Volume One produces new local guides in almost every issue. The guides listed below contain up-to-date listings, articles, and events for a number of important local topics.


Fall Harvest

Autumn Guide - Lists of Orchards, Corn Mazes, Pumpkin Patches and more. Presented by CCF Bank


Fall Arts Preview

Once the nip of Fall is in the air, we head indoors to theaters and arts centers - and this Fall's cultural calendar is deep. Presented by the Pablo Center.


Local Legal Leaders

Notable attorneys and firms serving the Chippewa Valley’s legal needs.


Back To School

The new school year is upon us. Use this special section to gear up and get ready to L! E! A! R! N!


Best of Summer

Your guide to summery excitement in the Chippewa Valley.


Mind & Body

Self-care and complete wellness in the Chippewa Valley


Getaway Guide

roadside attractions, cultural tours, cross-country road trips, beach resorts, romantic getaways, family outings


CBD Scene

Guide to the CBD Scene in the Chippewa Valley


Halloween Hauntings

Halloween originated centuries ago as a Pagan festival among the Celts of Ireland and Great Britain. Fast-forward a few hundred years to the present day Chippewa Valley where Halloween has become a night when kids stuff their faces with processed sugar and grownups dress up and parade around like idiots. In short, Halloween has become more awesome than ever before. And more than any other time of year, Halloween time is when our thoughts turn to monsters, ghosts, and that ... eerie presence ... lurking just around the corner. The next few pages are a guide to all of it. Rip the pages out and place them beneath your pillow at night – they will protect you.


Journey Ahead

We all get old. In fact, some of us, right at this very moment, ARE old. Guide to challenges and opportunities of growing older in the Chippewa Valley. Presented by the ADRC of Eau Claire County


Beer and Cheese

It’s hard to imagine life without beer and/or cheese. Just typing those last words makes our native Wisconsin blood boil. Come with us, as we explore these important issues.


Shop Talk

Volume One’s “Shop Talk” focuses on some of the Chippewa Valley’s most engaging local businesses – those that have made a name for themselves serving our region for years, and even decades. These venues are owned and operated by locals, to serve locals, and these are their stories.


Farm Fresh

Find out what you need to know about local produce - a harvest schedule, list of community gardens Eau Claire CSA's and farmers markets.


Summer Occasions

Summer is officially here, which means it's time to party! It's the perfect time of the year to get together with friends and family. Whether you're celebrating grads, dads, family reunions, Independence Day, weddings, and other such sunny get-togethers, our newest special section will outline ways to make your gathering warm and fun, just like the season itself!


Summer Music Preview

It’s that time of year again. The one where we can finally unbury from the snow and go outside. In Wisconsin, we cherish our summer months closely, and try to do anything and everything we can while soaking up the sun. Music is definitely no exception. In the Chippewa Valley, we have a stunning music scene, and it never blossoms as beautifully as it does in these precious summer months. From major music festivals, to outdoor concert series, to bar shows, to one-off concerts, music in the great outdoors is where it’s at. So take a look at our newest special section and start planning your musical summer.

Sponsored by Leinenkugel's


Up North

Heading "north" for the weekend is a part of the culture of living in the Chippewa Valley. Presented by Green Oasis



Volume One's guide to everything meat! Grilling tips, local meats, preparation, and more!


Wine Time

Despite Wisconsin being known as a beer state, we hold our own in the sweet (or dry) treat. Presented by Woodman's Market


Outdoors Adventures

Whether you're into biking, fishing, climbing, paddling, running, or walking, the very second when it looks like winter is fading in the Chippewa Valley your pulse starts racing. You can't wait to get out and hit the trails, waterways, and other landmarks of natural beauty that define our area. And that's why we make this guide. It's all for you. So you know where to go and what to do when you're hankering for an adventure.


Holiday Party Planner

Planning that big holiday party, but overwhelmed? We’re here to help! This guide is designed to help you with ideas, planning and hosting the BEST holiday party you've ever thrown.


Student City Guide

UWEC and CVTC students' guide to Eau Claire. This guide has everything from restaurants to parks to local music.