Stepping into the roles of adulthood can be a bit like wading into a frigid pond. Just when you think you’re acclimated, you take another step and the realization of a new responsibility chills you all over again. Thankfully, it’s an awkward, scary, exciting experience we all share, and we can help each other get out there and be the best grown-ups we can be! Written by people who are still figuring it out, hopefully this section will help turn the slow wade into a relieving plunge.

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New CVTC IT Classes Offer Adults New Opportunities

information technology courses allow adults to dip their toes into a new field

Joshua Walters hasn’t had it easy. The 32-year-old Eau Claire man has struggled with addiction and is determined to stay sober. During his 10 months of sobriety, Walters is realizing his passion with the help of Hope Gospel Mission and Chippewa Valley Technical College ...

FEELING STUCK? Here’s a Pep Talk from Some Young Professionals

soak in some wisdom from folks who been there and done that

What better way to learn the ropes of being a newbie adult than asking someone who just was one? We asked members of the Young Professionals of Chippewa Valley to bestow their wisdom upon the struggling 20-somethings in the Valley ...

Hot Tips for Meal Prepping

getting started on the most adultish thing ever: feeding yourself for a week

Meal prepping is a time and money saver, but can seem rather daunting to newbies. I’ve been an on-and-off meal prepper for two years, so I know what works and what really doesn’t. So grab your containers and your grocery lists, here are some tips on ...

3 Apps to Help You Save for Retirement

proving that there really is an app for everything

It’s no secret that Social Security benefits are drying up. Experts project that the fund’s reserves will run out by 2034. It’s looking grim for those of us born after 1980. But there’s good news! We can play an active role ...

To Debt or Not to Debt: That Is the Question

for a lot of young folks, debt is a part of life

I can remember sitting at my desk in my first apartment applying for my first credit card. I had just graduated college. I was working full-time. I asked myself, “What could it hurt to get a credit card?” It’s just what you do ...

Scores of Scores: Cutting Costs in the Chippewa Valley

local money savers, organized all nice

Hey there Thrifty McSavingspants. Yeah, you! We know you like a good deal. So here’s what we did for ya: we found some ways you can save money on food, services, and more in the Chippewa Valley ...

Learning the Art of Meal-Planning

navigating the grocery store is step one ...

Navigating the grocery store on a budget can be overwhelming. With it comes learning how to cook, meal plan, and grocery shop. Luckily there are many ways to prepare ...

Advice From Young Chippewa Valley Leaders

Everyone has something they wish they had known when going through a major life event. Previously, Volume One explored that idea by coming up with a list of things we wish we’d had when we moved ...

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How to Adult is sponsored by:

CVTC - Adult Education & College Prep
620 W. Clairemont Ave
Eau Claire, WI