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ROW BY ROW: 5th Row Lifting Bulks Up With New Location

new west side gym finds home in former restaurant space

“I haven’t ever found my ‘elevator pitch’ for what I do,” acknowledges Ryan Boos, owner of 5th Row Lifting Co. in Eau Claire. Not long after starting his first gym, Boos says, he sought out advice from a former personal training client who was having success with ...

MORE THAN A GYM: Athletic Wellness Offers Performance Recovery For All

owner Vince Furby has mentored many student-athletes across the valley since 2015

“If you have a body, you are an athlete.” This quote by Nike co-founder and track and field coach Bill Bowerman adorns the wall of Athletic Wellness in Eau Claire, where owner Vince Furby created a space focused solely ...

Sunscreen, Bug Spray, and Hats: Grab Your Gear & Explore These Trails

trails in and around the Chippewa Valley, recommended by Landmark Conservancy

Finding your go-to hiking spot this summer is easy thanks to Landmark Conservancy, a non-profit conservation organization based in Menomonie. From favorites like the Devil's Punchbowl and the Red Cedar Trail to hidden gems like the Town of Union Conservancy Area and Mary Fitz Park...

TAKE A HIKE! L.E. Phillips Senior Center Group Invites You to Join Them on the Trail

coordinators Carol Lendle and Mike Baker invite you out to adventure with the group

Chippewa Valley residents Carol Lendle and Mike Baker have given new meaning to the slang phrase “Take a Hike,” typically recognized and defined as a rude way for telling someone to go away. As coordinators of the hiking group at the L.E. Phillips Senior Center, they’re inviting folks to “Take a Hike” with them around the Chippewa Valley...

A New Fitness Equation: Pole Fitness + Yoga = ‘Polga’

Dragonfly Fitness and Training introduces a new exercise combo you never knew you needed

Emily Balow, owner of Dragonfly Fitness & Training, has been focusing her classes on traditional Pole Dancing for several years. Upon discovering Polga at a Chicago conference, she instantly knew that it was something missing from the Eau Claire area’s fitness ...

Barb Blum’s Life of Yoga

after practicing yoga for 30 years, Eau Claire native has returned to teach

Throughout her life, yoga has been her constant. Barbara first got a taste of eastern philosophy in high school when she took a course in transcendental meditation (TM) in Eau Claire, which also introduced her to yoga. The TM movement and other gurus coming to ...

Don't Let Diet Culture Spoil Your Holidays

three tips from an Eau Claire native and registered dietician to enjoy your holiday season – and food – to the fullest

Diet culture is a $72 billion industry, with an estimated 45 million Americans dieting every year. Yet, research shows that dieting doesn’t work, and that 95% will regain all the weight back in one to five years. In addition, falling short of these unrealistic expectations ...

What to Know About Flu, RSV Risks in the Chippewa Valley

these viruses have symptoms similar to COVID-19 – and cases are rising

Flu and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) activity levels in Eau Claire County and Wisconsin have increased over the past few weeks, reaching levels higher than usual for this time of the year. The Eau Claire City-County Health Department encourages the community ...

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