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TAKING IT SLOW: E.C. Native Returns to Teach Qigong, Tai Chi

after a career that spans jockeying and bodybuilding, Linda Blum brings Eastern practices to a fast-paced world

Professional jockey. Champion body builder. Sought-after personal trainer. Mom. Horse stable and riding lesson facility owner/manager. Group fitness instructor and wellness coordinator. And now in Eau Claire, Linda Blum is a certified and ...

Club 37 Began In a Basement. Its Rapid Expansion Is Thanks to a Dedicated Community

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gym lead by instructor Catlon Martinek is fostering a unique culture

“Word spread like wildfire that Catlon was teaching again and people were knocking down the door to be part of it,” Sara Martinek, co-owner of Club 37 Jiu-Jitsu, said of the studio’s modest beginnings: in the basement of her and Catlon’s home ...

‘The Listening Program’ Helps Kids Self-Regulate and More

Western Wisconsin Music in Medicine is an innovator in music therapy, and with the support of a new innovation grant by DHS, it’s helping more children in the Chippewa Valley

Music seems to be a facet of day-to-day life for most. It’s playing in the background inside grocery and retail stores, a dedicated class in school, the focus of many community events, and on the radio when you get in the car. For one area organization, it’s more than that: It’s medicine. The Listening Program (TLP), created by Advanced Brain Technologies, is a program partially funded by a DHS grant ...

SUMMER CAMP AT EAUM: Kids Yoga Camp in Downtown E.C.

Eaum Yoga + Fitness is hosting a summer camp for children ages 4-9

As parents themselves, co-owners Malia Markquart and Taylor Weiss knew they wanted to offer childcare and cater to kids too with their new business. It’s not a big stretch, then – no pun intended ...

New Year, New You Can Be Diet-Free

losing weight shouldn’t mean following a fad diet

Are you making a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, or have you been eyeing up a new diet? If a diet or product sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Some diets remove foods that have nutrients your body needs, some even cut entire food groups. These are ...

The Big Beautiful Gym Grid 2024

a compact guide to what gyms in the Chippewa Valley can offer you

Looking for a new place to work toward wellness in the new year? We’ve assembled this handy guide to gyms in Eau Claire, Chippewa Falls, Menomonie, and Altoona to help you learn about their offerings. You can follow this link ...

NEW LOOK, MORE WELLNESS: New Owners Expand Services at Luminary Wellness

Aaron and Tayler Foster have added new services after purchasing business

After returning from the Air Force, Aaron Foster turned to natural remedies for chronic pain he was dealing with from service. For Christmas 2022, his wife, Tayler, got him a gift card to Luminary Wellness, hoping their float therapy services could help with his pain. Fast forward one year, and the couple ...

STRONG FROM THE INSIDE, OUT: StrongSoul to Open in New Year

cycling, sculpt, and yoga join under one roof at soon-to-open Eau Claire fitness center

Southside Eau Claire will ring in the new year with a brand new fitness space aiming to bring out the joy in exercise with its hot sculpt, yoga, and cycling classes. StrongSoul will open its doors on Wednesday, Jan. 3, at 3868 Talmadge Road near Kahvi Coffee ...

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