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Zumba 7

Get off your feet with some dance-based exercise.

Seven Simple Tips for Eating Better in the Summertime

why you can pay the farmer now or the doctor later

Bright red tomatoes, crunchy cucumbers, warm corn on the cob: Summer means fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables. Despite all the fresh produce grown in Wisconsin during the summer months, 83% of adults in Eau Claire County report not eating the ...

Summer Skincare Tips for the Valley

don’t let the Wisco sunshine get to you (or more specifically, your skin): this expert has the inside scoop on protecting your skin all summer long

While you can definitely find water-resistant sunblock, "waterproof" sunscreen is nothin' but a fib ...

FROM BREAD TO BRAWN: 5th Row Lifting Company Finds a Home in Old Bread Store

5th Row Lifting Company, formerly Pinehurst Gym, expands to the old Village Hearth building

Three yoga mats and a ball. That was all 5th Row Lifting Company’s owner, Ryan Boos, owned when he first got started in his own gym back in 2014. Fast forward nearly eight years later, and Ryan is about to have a ribbon cutting for his new expanded gym on 3944 Anderson Drive, formerly ...

Five Tips for Running in Winter

bundle up and get zippin’ with these tips from the owner of Eau Claire’s Blue Ox Running

When you wake up in the morning and take a peek at the temperature gauge, the last thing on your mind is probably, “I should go outside and willingly subject myself to these temperatures.” But, if you’re ...

GO BEYOND GOLD: Gold’s Gym Transforms Into Eau Claire Fitness

one longstanding local gym has a new identity

The Chippewa Valley is brimming with opportunities to remain active throughout the year, with walking trails, yoga studios, and fitness centers around every corner. And the pandemic only highlighted the importance of getting up and getting out to stretch those legs and prioritize healthy habits. And one gym is taking the “new year, new me” idea to the next level ...

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Health & Fitness is sponsored by:

Mayo Clinic Health System
1221 Whipple St., Eau Claire, WI 54703