NEW LOOK, MORE WELLNESS: New Owners Expand Services at Luminary Wellness

Aaron and Tayler Foster have added new services after purchasing business

Sawyer Hoff

COLD IS GOLD. The Luminary Wellness now offers contrast therapy, which involves alternating a cold plunge and a high heat sauna, pictured here. (Submitted Photos)
COLD IS GOLD. The Luminary Wellness now offers contrast therapy, which involves alternating a cold plunge and an infrared sauna, pictured here. (Submitted photos)

After returning from the Air Force, Aaron Foster turned to natural remedies for chronic pain he was dealing with from service. For Christmas 2022, his wife, Tayler, got him a gift card to Luminary Wellness, hoping their float therapy services could help with his pain. Fast forward one year, and the couple are now the owners of Luminary.

“After my float, I was just talking with the owner and she had kind of talked about liquidating some of her stuff if she didn’t sell her business,” Aaron said. “I took that information from her and I got home and talked to my wife (about it) and she jokingly said, ‘So what, you want to buy it?’ And here we are.”

The couple officially purchased Luminary in March, keeping the business’s original name and location at 714 S. Barstow St., Eau Claire. They closed for two weeks to complete renovations, which they did themselves. Each room was repainted and redecorated, offering a more “med spa” feel.

Striving to offer all-in-one wellness services within the business, Luminary Wellness has added several new options including metabolic testing, nutrition planning, cold plunges (Luminary is the first in the area to offer it as a permanent service), and contrast therapy. In the new year, the business will welcome Lux Chiropractic. Starting in February, Lux Chiropractic will offer health maintenance, pain management, and pediatric and prenatal care at Luminary.

The new metabolic testing will go hand-in-hand with nutritional planning, as they can use that information to tailor programs that will help reduce the risk of problems such as type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. “Our main focus with (metabolic testing), and with all of our services in general, is longevity and trying to help people live longer and more fulfilling lives,” Aaron said.

The Foster family.
Tayler and Aaron Foster with their three children.

Cold plunge therapy is exactly what it sounds like – submerging yourself in a tub of 43°F water. This has many health benefits for the body, such as enhancing circulation, metabolism, recovery, energy, and mood. This is also a part of contrast therapy, which is where you alternate between the cold plunge and the high heat of the infrared sauna. “(Contrast therapy) is really good for a laundry list of things but mostly for pain, inflammation reduction, and it really helps people control their weight,” Aaron said.

Aaron and Tayler moved to the area in 2017, though for Tayler it was a return, as she grew up in the Chippewa Valley. With three young kids and another on the way, the couple has their hands full – though that doesn’t stop them from providing excellent care at Luminary Wellness. Aaron has experienced firsthand the benefits of these services, after finding no luck with traditional medicine and common pain reducers.

“These are (services) that I’ve researched myself and that offer a true benefit to someone like me or somebody with any other chronic issues,” Aaron said. “Maybe medicine doesn’t work for them anymore or they’re tired of taking medication and they would like to explore other options, or they just want to add this on top (of medications) to start taking less. Even if we could get somebody to take less ibuprofen in a day, that would be a win for me.”

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