Feeling Anxious About the Return to Normalcy? You’re Not Alone.

local mental health experts offer seven tips for staying mentally healthy in a ‘new normal’ after COVID-19

The No. 1 tip that local mental health experts have to offer is: Do what you’re most comfortable with, and take baby steps to get back to normal – whatever “normal” means nowadays ...

5 Tips To Integrate Self-Love Practices Into Your Daily Routine

local community wellness hub offers tips on loving your body and loving yourself

Starting a healthy routine can be tough, especially when you look in the mirror and think: That’s what I have to work with here? Really?!  Starting to eat healthy – or starting a new workout routine – begins with a dedication to doing what’s best for your body ...

5 Tips For Getting Active Again

Warmer weather means more time outside. Here’s how to get out safely.

Wisconsin’s weather is bringing a welcome spring to people’s steps as they get outside to enjoy warmer conditions. “Exercise has all kinds of health benefits including controlling weight, lowering risk of chronic disease, strengthening bone s...

Check Out These 6 Flowery Hiking Trails

wildflowers abound on regional creekside walks, woodland paths

There’s no better way to see wildflowers in the Chippewa Valley than a hike. Wildflowers bloom from spring through autumn. Because of that, which ones can be seen on a trail in May will be much different than when hiking it in July or September...

Wholesome Endeavors: Local Dietitian Offers Tips on Using Food as Fuel

how focusing on empowering foods and help your body heal

When Hannah Koschak worked at a hospital as a registered dietitian helping people manage disease, she quickly realized people needed more guidance on the importance of nutrition and disease prevention. That’s what led her to start her business, Wholesome Endeavors, last year...

Ski Your Way to Winter Fitness

CV Nordic coach touches on local ski interest, offers tips for season

If there's one thing that's absolutely, positively true this season, it’s that interest in Nordic and cross country skiing this year is at an all-time high. Though this year...

Dairy Alternatives in the Dairyland

UW-Stout Nutrition and Dietetics student offers tips for getting calcium in your diet, without the dairy

It’s no wonder why folks are pushed to drink lots of milk when “Drink your milk” and “Got Milk?” are popular dairy-drinkin’ slogans. Milk, and dairy products in general, are packed full of nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D...

7 Mental Health Tips From Local Mental Health Experts

Chippewa Valley experts chime in with easy tips to better your mental health every day

“Utilize a simple gratitude list before you go to sleep. Use a bullet point format or a journaling format to generate five items that you have been grateful for during the day. By reframing your thinking ...

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Chippewa Valley Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
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Health & Fitness is sponsored by:

Chippewa Valley Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
Offices in Altoona and Chippewa Falls