Let us provide the elbow that guides your trip down the aisle. Because we all know that aisles—though straight and narrow – can trip you up sometimes. We believe that, until you’ve read this section—and subsequently gathered all the green wedding advice possible, internalized the folly of movie brides & grooms, turned to local vendors for wedding gifts, scouted out local organic caterers, and pondered the varied wedding customs of the world—your first step will be a doozy.

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Reflecting Romance for Generations

Williams Diamond Center combines creativity, tradition to create rings and other jewelry that express couples’ love

When you step into Williams Diamond Center in Eau Claire, don’t expect to be upsold on a ring that’s outside your price range. Don’t expect to find pieces that only conform to what some marketing executive thinks should be “in” this season ...

Wedding Sound Systems Made Easy

EC Pro Audio shares essential tips for PA systems at your wedding

When it comes to live audio at big events – especially weddings – people often forget the importance of having the right equipment. While your venue may supply a couple of speakers and microphones for you, not all audio equipment is “one-size-fits-all” for ...

A Stress-Free Wedding Experience

With everything you need in one place, a wedding at Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse and Holiday Inn South has never been easier.

You’ve likely enjoyed an amazing meal at Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse or stayed in the Holiday Inn on the south side of Eau Claire, but did you know that there is a beautiful event space within that building? Holiday Inn South and Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse have been hosting weddings and other small to ...

PICK THE PERFECT PLACE: Dixon’s Apple Orchard & Wedding Venue

with the rustic charm of a simpler time, Dixon’s doesn’t just grow apples, but enduring marriages

When Becky Dixon Mullane and her husband Jim were first scouting out land in the Chippewa Valley for their new orchard to call home, they were looking for rolling, lush land against a backdrop that would be as memorable as it was invigorating, and not just for ...

10 Wisco Clichés for Your Wedding Day

Sconnie traditions, new and old, that you can either embrace or leave at the altar

Anyone who has ever gotten married – heck, anyone who has ever even been to a wedding – knows there are countless colorful wedding traditions out there. Every culture and community has them, and ...

Fairest of the (Wedding) Fairs

mark your calendars for these 2023 Chippewa Valley wedding fairs

Looking to see the best and freshest wedding vibes on the rack? The Chippewa Valley has a number of bridal fairs, which are a great way to see vendors first hand. Check out the latest fashions, sample food, win prizes ...

Don’t Leave Your Guests Guessing

five important things you must tell your wedding guests to avoid confusion

“Come as you are” really doesn’t give people an idea of what they should wear to your wedding. Indicate on your invitation or wedding website whether attendants should glam up to “formal,” if “semi-formal” will cut it, or if they can dress up their denim with a pair of ...

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