Personal Training

Get one-on-one attention.

5th Row Lifting Company

3944 Anderson Drive & 2111 3rd Street, Eau Claire

A community-based gym offering personal coaching and small group fitness for individuals, couples, and families. Strength-focused workouts, complemented by cardio in a balanced workout that can be customized for experienced gym rats and beginners.

Group Training Personal Training

ETS Performance

541 North Broadway Street, Menomonie • 1323 Bob Brown Boulevard, Suite A , Altoona

Athletic performance training for a variety of ages, from youth 8-17, to adults. A combined training system that focuses on physical, psychological, and behavioral strategies to maximize your potential.

Personal Training

Momentum SportFitness

2615 London Road Suite B, Eau Claire

Coach-led group fitness classes using a combination of cardio, bodyweight, and weights over an hour. Different workouts daily. Personal coaching and programming available for specific goals. Nutrition coaching to find your perfect routine.

Personal Training Group Training

Ronin Fitness

800 Wisconsin St. (Banbury Place, Bld D4 - Suite 209), Eau Claire

A robust program containing Brazilian Jiujitsu, Muay Thai/kickboxing, and wrestling, the three pillars of MMA. Professional coaches dedicated to proven instruction methods.

Martial Arts/Boxing Personal Training