Martial Arts/Boxing

Get punchy with it.

AKF Martial Arts Academy of Eau Claire

Kyuki-Do is focused on helping you and your families achieve goals through martial art techniques, practical self defense, and traditional principles. Offers classes for ages 4 and up, and done in a group setting. Can also accommodate private lessons.

1606 S. Hastings Way, Suite B, Eau Claire

Martial Arts/Boxing

American Taekwondo & Fitness

Taekwondo classes in both private and group settings offering fast, hard-hitting cardio workouts. Also offers a fitness membership where members can independently use the facility and equipment during non-class hours.

800 Wisconsin St. (Banbury Place, Building 13 - Suite 5), Eau Claire

Martial Arts/Boxing

The Center for Combat Arts

Their Mission is to coach, motivate, and inspire anyone who has chosen martial arts as a medium for self-development. Offering Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, Self-Defense/Combatives, Submission Wrestling, and Kid’s Martial Arts Programs.

508 Water St, Back of the Waffle Shack

Martial Arts/Boxing

Clear Water Martial Arts

Clear Water Martial Arts & Chippewa Valley Judo/Jujitsu, LLC, teaches multiple martial arts. Among them are judo, jujitsu, aikido, kyusho-jitsu & tuite-jitsu (pressure point fighting) , Ryukyu Kempo (Okinawa karate), and tai chi. Private lessons or group classes.

20 West Spring St., Chippewa Falls

Martial Arts/Boxing

Combined Fighting Systems

CFS provides instruction on a unique defensive system blends the best of several martial arts to increase its effectiveness when used in street defense. Students will learn these martial arts through exciting, realistic, and interactive drills in a safe training environment. Classes are taught in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

405 Graham Avenue, Eau Claire

Martial Arts/Boxing

Elite Karate

Karate instruction in both private and group settings focusing on the three core values of honor, discipline, and respect.

410 Bay St., Chippewa Falls

Martial Arts/Boxing

Land Shark Martial Arts

A traditional Martial Arts school, Land Shark's focus is on helping to build confidence and learn practical self-defense skills. With a mixture of traditional and mixed martial arts training classes available, you'll certainly get a solid foundation and understanding of the discipline.

2524 Suite B. Golf Road, Eau Claire

Martial Arts/Boxing

Menomonie Goju Karate Dojo

Center for traditional Okinawan Goju Karate, for Menomonie, Eau Claire, and West Central Wisconsin. Traditional Non-Sport oriented Karate Dojo focusing on skill building for life. Children's classes for age 7-12. Okinawan style Karate instruction in both private and group settings. Also offers yoga and Tai-Chi.

1807 Wilson St. # A, Menomonie

Martial Arts/Boxing

One Tree Martial Arts

Martial arts instruction for all ages in Taekwondo, Hapkido, Jiu-Jitsu, and several other arts. Also offering women’s self-defense and kickboxing classes.

1417 S. Hastings Way, Ste. B, Eau Claire

Martial Arts/Boxing

Savage Fitness

Savage Fitness brings energy into your boxing workout by combining our two part boxing and strength training program with an exciting nightclub atmosphere.

2228 N Hillcrest Parkway, Altoona

Martial Arts/Boxing