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If you’ve found value from Volume One’s community efforts these last 19 years, here’s your chance to help keep it going strong.

Can you be there for us again?

One-time contribution options available through Dec. 31, 2021

Letter from Nick Meyer and the Staff of Volume One

Thank you to the generous and community-minded group of Chippewa Valley folks, who in some of the dark days of 2020, chose to step up and support Volume One by becoming a member. Together with your neighbors, you supported our free publications, free community events, and more, making a genuine difference for us at a difficult time. And we can’t thank you enough for that.

That was all nearly 18 months ago. Since then, you may have noticed we didn’t come back and ask for a member renewal earlier this year. While these programs have become permanent fixtures at community media organizations like ours, some parts of the pandemic’s short-term impact on Volume One meant we just didn’t have the resources this year to put a really cool, sustainable, recurring member program in place yet. But then we started hearing from the you, the community…

Support Volume One for 2021

Recently a number of 2020 members have asked about offering support again this year, which was awesome to hear. They’ve encouraged us to open up contributions again, and not to worry about the “swag” and boxes of goodies this time. And frankly, that’s easier! So we’re going to listen to that.

So we’re quietly reaching out to you and others who supported us last year with the option to make a gift in the name of our continued community work. And we’d appreciate it just as much as the first time.

Feel free to choose from the contribution levels shown here, starting at just $25. No matter the amount you choose to put toward our community efforts at Volume One, know that we deeply appreciate your vote of confidence. The funds you invest will go toward a staff of hard-working individuals who love this community just like you do.

Your contribution supports things like:

  • Editorial and design staff working on community stories
  • Publishing and distribution of our free print editions and websites
  • Creating robust event calendars full of local happenings
  • Putting on free community events like the Phoenix Park Concerts, Food Truck Friday, Chalkfest, and more
  • Paying local writers and artists for many contributions to our publications

But we won't leave you empty handed.

If you do choose to invest in us again — at any level — you’ll be added to the list of members again, and be eligible for a 10% discount every time you shop at The Local Store — in person or online — this holiday season and until March 31, 2022.

The Local Store

At the store, just give them your name, they’ll look you up, and bam — 10% off, every time (along with the warmest, most appreciative smile you’ve ever seen!). And we’ll email you a code for the same thing at www.TheLocalStore.org. AND, we’re going to throw a Member Appreciation Sale with a 20% discount and other fun stuff later this winter too.

Also, we know some of you had benefit packages in 2020 that included tickets to Volume One-produced events that have yet to come back. We promise we haven’t forgotten, and we hope to get some of those events back online in 2022. More on that soon!

And finally, we're turning 20!

20 Years

We’re going to tell you this first: 2022 will be Volume One’s 20th year. We know, it’s crazy. And do you know us to NOT throw an amazing party for something like that? Stay tuned for details on some very fun stuff as we celebrate 20 years working to inspire and promote this incredible community. Renewing members will be the first to know!

Thank you for reading, for your support, and for (nearly) 20 years of great community vibes.

— Nick Meyer and the Staff of Volume One

Thank you for your support!

2021 memberships have closed.