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Camp Manitou: A Place to Find Your Place

how Ben Hoffmeister and John Cranford’s friendship took root at longtime youth camp

Camp Manitou teaches how important it is, not only to have great friends, but also to maintain long-lasting relationships with people. It taught Ben Hoffmeister and John Cranford that it feels good to have people whom you can love, care about, and count on. All of that ...

Creative Program for Autistic and Neurodivergent Community Launches in E.C.

L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library hosts evening social events for neurodivergent folks

The L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library has partnered with Islands of Brilliance, a statewide nonprofit focused on supporting individuals on the neurodivergent spectrum, to present The Fellowship series. The new local programming is a creative community ...

TAKING THE LEAP: 5 Ways to Deal With Homesickness When Your Kid Goes to Camp

we all know the feeling; how do we deal?

Providing a foundation on how to recognize homesickness and cope will set your children up to successfully lead a lifestyle where they can take on new adventures and adjust to new periods of life while increasing confidence, independence, and critical thinking. Here are five tips to prepare for camp ...

Power of Perception Provides the Power of Travel

in order to create change, we must create opportunities: Nothing says opportunity like traveling to South Africa

Dennis Beale, founder and CEO of Power of Perception (POP), is providing a life-changing experience this summer for 15 POP mentees. From July 20-Aug. 2, a group of high schoolers part of the mentoring organization will take an excursion to South Africa ...

HERE COME THE LEVIATHANS: Innovative Local Robotics Team Prepares for Competition

Pablo Center’s STEAM program promotes creative learning and community for local, young inventors in global robotics competition

Make way for the mighty Leviathan, the Pablo Center’s FIRST Robotics Team. FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), founded in 1992 by Dean Kamen, is dedicated to inspiring young people in the science and technology fields. Their global Robotics Competition is one such way they encourage ...

VIRTUAL VILLAGE: E.C. Startup’s Software Links Kids, Out-of-School Classes

entrepreneur has high hopes, big local investment is a startup software platform designed to make it easy for providers of extracurricular activities – such as music teachers, sports teams, summer camps, STEM classes, and more – to register kids, collect payments, and find new clients ...

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