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EGGciting Reading

egg book is perfect for readers with a surplus of eggs and a sense of humor

Local Harvest Schedule 2017

Get your food when it was meant to be gotten! Make sure you’re buying your stuff in season! Don’t know when that is? Here’s a handy chart that should last you through the summer.

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Dairy Diary

one woman's self-guided tour through some of the region's best dairy breakfasts in all their cheesy glory

Let me begin with a confession: I’m kind of obsessed with breakfast food. When McDonald’s announced plans to offer its breakfast menu all day, I was delighted. Breakfast, with its perfect balance ...

When Inga Met Alice

Alice in Dairyland (and nine of her predecessors) gather around public TV's Farm Table

When Alice traveled through the looking glass, she discovered a land populated with talking flowers, living chess pieces, and Jabberwocks. When Inga traveled through a 21st century looking glass into her own TV program, she discovered an Alice ...

Planning for Preservation

safety steps can preserve the bountiful produce of Wisconsin's summer

Spaghetti sauce full of the flavor of garden-fresh tomatoes. Strawberry jam bursting with fruit at the peak of ripeness. With the proper equipment and up-do-date recipes, these and other family favorites can be safely canned at home. “Preserving food from your garden or orchard can be a good way to combat the rising prices ...

Double Your Freshness

new program helps needy families get more for their money at the downtown farmers market

Over the past decade, nothing has come to represent the rising tide of the local food movement in the Chippewa Valley than the Downtown Eau Claire Farmers Market. On Saturday mornings (and, to a lesser extent on Wednesdays and Thursdays), the pavilion at Phoenix Park is a bustling hive of activity, jam-packed with vendors ...

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