Stay Green While Planting Greens

Sunbow Farm owner offers tips on farming sustainably

If you were playing Family Feud and Steve Harvey asked, “Name something you think of when you hear the phrase ‘sustainable farming?’"...

Keeping It Local

Menomonie Market Food Co-op awards grant to local farms for projects

The Menomonie Market Food Co-op recently awarded $3,000 to local farmers as a part of its Fund Our Foodshed grant. The grant offers small farms the opportunity to expand aspects of their businesses in ways they otherwise ...

Get Ready for Farm Technology Days

Eau Claire’s Huntsinger Farms will host huge statewide AG event next Summer

For those of us who live in cities – even here in the Chippewa Valley, where the natural world remains close at hand – it’s easy to forget the vital importance of agriculture. While the population of Eau Claire County is largely urban, agriculture remains big business ...

Seeds of Goodwill

UWEC library volunteers are having a good thyme in the garden

On a small patch of land next to the Forest Street Community Gardens, you’ll find the McIntyre Library Community Garden. “I was looking for a community service project that fit my interests and hobbies, gardening is one,” said Roxanne Backowski, who started ...

Local Harvest Schedule

Get your food when it was meant to be gotten! Make sure you’re buying your stuff in season! Don’t know when that is? Here’s a handy chart that should last you through the summer.

4 Helpful CSA Hacks

overcoming common challenges your weekly box of local produce presents

Community Supported Agriculture shares, or CSAs, are spreading through the Chippewa Valley and bringing an abundance of delicious and healthy foods straight from farm to table ...

5 Ways to Be a Farmers Market Pro

Chef Amy Huo’s Tips for a Successful Trip to the Market

Who doesn’t love the farmers market in the height of summer? Fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruits harvested (much of the time) that very morning and friendly producers and farmers proud to talk ...