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Signs of Growth on Valley’s Startup Scene

despite pandemic, entrepreneurship is on the upswing, observers say

Considering record-high and then record-low unemployment, talk of the “Great Resignation,” and stock market volatility, it’s tempting to borrow that clichéd line from Charles Dickens when describing the ...

Wisconsin Startup Rankings a Mixed Bag

national data on entrepreneurship offers ups, downs for state

Is Wisconsin a good state to start a business? That’s potentially a multimillion-dollar question for entrepreneurs looking to put down roots. While the Badger State has traditionally landed near the bottom ...

CVTC: A Good Place to Start

college offers entrepreneurship program, course paths to help people start their own businesses

Sabrina Spiegel graduated from high school years ago and admits she didn’t have it all figured out. Now she’s the owner of Saylon Seven – a popular salon in ...

Six Locally Focused Business Boosters

the right people and programs to help your start-up succeed in the Valley

Are you thinking about taking the leap into entrepreneurship? Have you already started your own business but could you still use a hand, a sympathetic ear, or some inspiration? The Chippewa Valley ...

Collaborate With CoLab

CoLab offers critical resources for start-ups and entrepreneurs amid pandemic

CoLab, a coworking community located in downtown Eau Claire, has one primary focus: serving their community. And that value hasn’t changed, despite almost everything else in the world changing radically...

Rev Up Your Social Media Game

a few helpful business tips from social marketing whiz Koobmeej Xiong

As someone who lives and breathes marketing, I spend countless hours preaching the powerful modern day tool known as “social media.” I have moved many clients to a full social media marketing strategy. The beauty of these platforms...

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Chippewa Valley Start-Up is sponsored by:

Royal Credit Union
200 Riverfront Terrace
Eau Claire, WI