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Local Sauce Purveyors Have What Your Meat Needs

The sun is out, it’s 70 degrees, and what better way to spend the perfect day than grilling out on the lawn with a cold one in hand. You take a bite of that first summer burger, but the flavor isn’t quite ...

5 Local Grilling Sidekicks

1. Sconnie Foods squeezable sauerkraut – Accessibility has never been one of sauerkraut’s advantages, until now. The locally made handheld condiment is a must when you’re out and about and need some kraut.

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The Shooting Range

sure, many hunters are content gunning for deer. But from snipe to porcupine, there’s a lot more than that to hunt in Wisconsin.

Bagging a big buck is the stuff of many Wisconsin hunters’ dreams, and the annual fall deer hunt (and its muzzle-loader, antlerless, archery, and other variations) is deeply ingrained in our state’s culture. Yet despite all this emphasis on Bambi’s family, hunting in Wisconsin doesn’t begin and end with the white-tailed deer. In fact, deer are just one the many ...

Raised Organic: Wheatfield Hill Beef

for Durand farm family, good soil and good grass equal great meat

If you’ve frequented the Eau Claire Downtown Farmers Market, you’ve undoubtedly seen the Wheatfield Hill Organics display, which typically overflows with a rainbow of beautiful produce, from asparagus to muskmelon, not to mention homemade fruit spreads and toffee. It’s a veritable vegetarian wonderland ...

New Altoona Butcher Steaking a Claim

Rump’s Butcher Shoppe emphasizes quality cuts

Bob Adrian readily acknowledges he can’t do anything halfway. When he decided to open an old-fashioned butcher shop in Altoona, he wanted to create a unique place to sell high-quality local meat. Over time, his dream grew to encompass a drastically renovated space, a wide range of grocery ...

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