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8 Numbers: Exploring Downtown Data

a glance at the numbers and figures that define Eau Claire’s urban core

It’s no big secret that downtown Eau Claire has been evolving – mostly for the better – in recent years. Redevelopment has brought new dining, entertainment, and recreation options, and these changes ...

Condos Coming?

owners of former Huebsch property are considering a big riverside condominium project

Would you like to live in a riverfront condominium in downtown Eau Claire, just a short walk from restaurants, bars, theaters, and more? If your answer is “yes,” what would you like to see in such a development ...

Reimagining a Classic

ongoing renovations give River Edge Apartments a mid-century vibe

The residential revitalization of downtown Eau Claire means more than just adding new apartment buildings: It also includes renovating some of the neighborhood’s classics ...

Living Downtown

every year you can take an opportunity to peruse some of Eau Claire’s best downtown homes

With new buildings popping up on North Barstow and more downtown lofts being renovated every year, there’s always new things to see. Luckily, whether you live downtown, want to live downtown, or are just curious about the spaces ...

Will You Be My Good Neighbor?

in some residential neighborhoods, the word “renter” is a dirty word

In some residential neighborhoods, the word “renter” is a dirty word. When some homeowners and property owners mutter the term it’s accompanied with a scowl and is unfurled off the tongue with a very specific intonation that screams pessimism ...

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