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Condos Coming?

owners of former Huebsch property are considering a big riverside condominium project

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Living Downtown

every year you can take an opportunity to peruse some of Eau Claire’s best downtown homes

With new buildings popping up on North Barstow and more downtown lofts being renovated every year, there’s always new things to see. Luckily, whether you live downtown, want to live downtown, or are just curious about the spaces ...

Will You Be My Good Neighbor?

in some residential neighborhoods, the word “renter” is a dirty word

In some residential neighborhoods, the word “renter” is a dirty word. When some homeowners and property owners mutter the term it’s accompanied with a scowl and is unfurled off the tongue with a very specific intonation that screams pessimism ...

When to Buy and When to Sell

there’s no magic to the Chippewa Valley real estate market, but simple tips can help buyers and sellers

Who wants to buy a house when the temperatures are below zero and the streets are swathed in ice? And who wants to sell one at a time of year when it’s hard enough keeping slush off the carpet, let alone maintaining floors pristine enough for an ...

Through the Floor

living downtown can often mean living above something; we talked to a handful of residents about their experiences being the upstairs neighbor

“Me and one of my roommates got to know one of the bartenders at the bar because he would be outside smoking at the same times as us and he would hook us up with cheap drinks.”

Before You Haul It Up the Stairs

picking furniture for a modern loft can be tough and Urban Galleria wants to help

Let’s talk art. Not paintings on a canvas art or marble bust of George Washington art; I’m talking furniture in your living room art. Now, a lot of the run-of-the-mill sofas and dining room tables aren’t going to be particularly arty ...

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