After You’ve Signed the Lease ...

Renters have responsibilities and rights. Keep them in mind

V1 Staff

•  Educate yourself about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. For more info, contact the Bureau of Consumer Protection at (800) 422-7128 or visit them at

•  Your landlord should always provide an emergency number. Get it.

•  Create a check-in sheet on the apartment and list all items that may be charged to your security deposit (such as stains on the carpet, scratches on counter tops, etc.) Keep a copy for yourself and send one to your landlord. 

•  Grab your phone and take pics when you move in and after you clean up upon moving out.
•  Buy a carbon monoxide detector if you have gas heat and/or stove.

•  Consider renter’s insurance. It’s usually inexpensive and covers things like robbery, fires, and liabilities. The amount of a policy depends on how much of your stuff you want to protect. Things like floods are usually not covered.

•  Learn odd/even parking. If you don’t have a designated parking stall, you’ll likely have to find on-street parking. Between Nov. 1 and May 1 the City of Eau Claire dictates which side you can park on. So make sure your car is parked on the “even” side (with even-numbered addresses) between midnight and 7am of even-numbered days. And vice-versa. 

•  Big security deposit suckers: Defrosting the fridge and cleaning the oven.

•  When moving out, remember to cancel your utilities and other services such as Internet and cable TV. You don’t want to pay for the next renter’s bills.

•  Head to the post office for a helpful checklist of change-of-address reminders.

•  If you’re moving over the course of a few days, leave stuff like beds and entertainment items for last.

•  Save boxes early and often. Ask grocery stores if you’re desperate. Frequent recycling dumpsters at commercial spots if you’re extra desperate and bold.