The Renters’ Toolbox

a few tools will make your life a lot easier

V1 Staff

Toolbox: Duh. But a nice one with a handle is incredibly useful, because if you don’t know where your tools are, they aren’t helpful.

Reversible drill with a bit set: Infinitely useful for fixing up furniture, tightening bolts, and getting to all those other projects you’ve been putting off.

Hammer: Look for one that’s heavy with a fiberglass shaft and a rip claw.

16-foot tape measure: Get one that locks and take it with you furniture shopping.

Set of screwdrivers: A good mixed set includes flat and Phillips head screwdrivers, maybe even a magnetic head.

Needle-nose pliers: If you can find a pair  with a wire cutting blade, grab ’em.

Safety glasses: Don’t start a project without these.

Utility knife: Look for replaceable blades and keep some on hand.

Duct tape: For quick repairs and emergencies.

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