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Philanthropy 6

local community foundations and opportunities to give back

Meet the Young Pros

group encourages personal, professional development

Who are the Young Professionals of the Chippewa Valley? A membership-based organization of more than 400 people, the Young Professionals are a personal and professional development program created through the cooperation of the Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls chambers of commerce.

Five Reasons to Get Involved in Your Community

Connecting with your community can bring big benefits. Here are some of them

What if we told you that there’s something you can do that will fight loneliness, enrich your personal and professional lives, and make the world around you better? That something, simply put, is getting involved with the community.

Hope Village Headed Into Phase Three, a $2.7 Million Endeavor

Chippewa Falls nonprofit aims to end homelessness in its community

Chippewa Falls nonprofit organization Hope Village is moving into the third phase of its ambitious Welcome Home Capital Campaign project, a multi-million-dollar endeavor aiming to further its mission of ending homeless in the Chippewa Valley by guiding ...

TreeHouse Targets Struggling Teens to Help Create Healthy Hearts, Minds

safe spaces help teens build relationships and resilience when faced with daunting mental health decline

The mental health crisis in teenagers and young adults has persisted with depression and anxiety on the rise: in 2018, the Centers for Disease Control reported that 31% of high school students felt “hopeless” for more than two weeks in a row. Since the ...

BRAVO TO BUSINESS: E.C. Chamber of Commerce Unveils Award Finalists

winning businesses will be announced Sept. 14

A group of Chippewa Valley businesses is getting ready to take a bow at the Eau Claire Area Chamber of Commerce’s second-annual Bravo to Business Awards. The event, which will be Sept. 14 at the Florian Gardens in Eau Claire, is meant to honor businesses ...

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Community Connections is sponsored by: