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The Classic at Hillcrest Greens

2455 Sawgrass Pl, Altoona

Looking for a meaningful way to give back? Consider volunteering at the Classic at Hillcrest Greens Senior Living! Time spent may include reading stories, painting nails, walks, playing cards, listening to music, or simply providing companionship to our wonderful residents! Times extremely flexible, we are happy to work with your schedule. Please call: 715-930-1207 or email: activities@theclassichg.com

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The Masons are the oldest fraternal organization in the world. Bringing together men in brotherly love, relief, and truth. Charitable causes include the Masonic Service Fund, youth fund, Three Pillars Senior Living, and more. They regularly fund scholarships, disaster relief, medical funds, and matching grants.

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Polka Dot Powerhouse

Polka Dot Powerhouse connects positive, action-forward women to build lifelong friendships and business relationships. The EC chapter boasts 160+ members and 4 monthly meeting dates. They seek to share knowledge, understanding, and awareness to change their members businesses and lives.

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Women's Giving Circle

A fund of the Eau Claire Community Foundation (ECCF) that leverages the resources of individuals for greater impact by pooling money and award grants to local non-profit organizations. 95% of membership dues support endowment the ECCF's endowment and grant funds.

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