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When It Comes to Active Aging, They’ve Got Their Eye on the Ball

pickleball players pursue court upgrades as E.C. park is adapted for users of all ages

The first thing you notice on a warm mid-September morning is the pleasant chattering and laughter, then the gentle “ping” of a dozen wiffle balls being volleyed back and forth across a dozen nets. Peek inside the windscreens that surround the pickleball courts at ...

Want to Age Well? Start Young

reflections on staying healthy and youthful despite the passage of time

The International Council on Active Aging (yes there really is such a group) says Active Aging promotes the vision of all individuals – regardless of age, socioeconomic status, or health – fully engaging in life within all ...

What to Do With Mom’s Good China?

dealing with a loved one’s possessions and the memories they carry

They weren’t anything too special – inexpensive china that said “Japan” on the back – but, to my mom, they meant status. After years of mismatched dishes and a few pretty pieces my father won at the Chippewa fair by throwing nickels, my mother had good china. With ...

For Local Podcast, the Journey Continues

new season of local podcast for seniors, their loved ones ready to debut

From staying active while aging to getting better sleep to living a purposeful life, the upcoming season of the Journey Ahead Podcast will cover a broad range of topics of interest to listeners of all ages – especially those who find themselves under ...

An Expert Can Help With ‘Aging in Place’

local consultant helps families adapt, design homes that can keep them safe as they age

When trying to make a home safe for someone impacted by aging or disability, installing a ramp and a few grab bars is not enough, says Karen Hauck. While such additions will certainly help a person whose mobility is limited, they won’t solve every ...

How to Shield Seniors Against Scams and Abuse

watch for these warning signs that an older adult is being exploited

Like many of us, older adults are often targeted by con artists. Many victims don’t ask for help until it is too late. Help your friends, family, clients, or patients avoid fraud by knowing the signs of current or impending ...

Keep On Shining! Stand in the Light Memory Choir Flourishes Amid Pandemic

local choral program for those with dementia and other health conditions persists during isolating times

The Stand in the Light Memory Choir – a choral program for those with dementia and other health conditions – has worked hard over the past year and a half to keep running during the pandemic ...

Stay Safe from Scams! E.C. Sheriff's Deputy Outlines Frequent Frauds

how to avoid frauds that target seniors

Every year, millions of seniors across the U.S. fall victims to financial scams – from telemarketing frauds to fake sweepstakes to home repair swindles. Criminals may gain seniors’ trust over the telephone, the Internet, via the mail, through TV or radio ...

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