Our annual green feature reinvigorates the eco scene with a selection of tips, tricks, and articles that make living sustainably second nature here in the Chippewa Valley. Take baby steps toward a change using the tip calendar, find out what's hot and what's not, see who's picking up on the trends in the community, and recycle in ways you never imagined possible.

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Groups, organizations, and cooperatives that work to provide efficient and sustainable energy.

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Organizations you can join to work for a sustainable future.

UW-Stout Stays Green While Moving Out

Couches, futons, televisions, and more find new homes or get recycled at the end of the school year when Habitat for Humanity, Dunn County Solid Waste, and UW-Stout team up for the Spring Move Out in Menomonie. Members of the ...

Focus On Energy a Win for Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s statewide energy efficiency and renewable resource program, focus on Energy, was recently identified as the most cost-effective initiative of its kind in the nation. A federal study ...

Xcel: Clean Energy Helps Hold down Rates

Xcel Energy is crediting its investment in “clean energy” for a recent agreement it reached with several consumer groups that would keep utility rates below 2018 levels through 2021. The proposal ...

Waste Not, Want Not?

a deep dive into the wonderful, wacky world of organic waste disposal

My husband paused halfway between the trashcan and kitchen sink, clutching an apple core. “Tell me again what I do with this?” “Compost.” I pointed to the green compost bin, courtesy of our new trash haulers, Earthbound Environmental Solutions. He paused. “Why is that better ...."

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