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Going Once, Going Twice ... Auctions, estate sales offer unique finds

Estate sales and auctions are a bit of an enigma for those outside of the usual circuit. For those who are first-time buyers or first-time sellers at an auction or estate sale, the experience can be stressful. But old pros know estate sales and auctions are treasure troves for unique finds ...

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Check Out the Foundry Sale

Eau Claire warehouse opens its doors and fills up with vintage and antique treasures

Whether you’re a fan of American Pickers, a devotee of Antiques Roadshow, or just the kinds of person who loves to peruse thrift sales for spectacular, unexpected finds, you’ll find plenty to admire ...

Defining Decades

When is something an antique and when is it a collectible? What about vintage and retro?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary define antique as “being in the style or fashion of former times” – and that’s something the Webster folks should know about, considered their dictionary traces its origin to 1828 ...

9 Great Reasons to Go Vintage

don’t be afraid to dive into the vibrant world of vintage

The world of vintage goods is colorful, quirky, cool and maybe right around the corner. If you haven’t ventured into that world yet, there are at least nine good reasons to give it a go ...

Find It All in the Shed

get lost in Altoona’s massive antique-filled wonderland

If you happen to stop by The Shed in Altoona, you’ll want to walk around once, then turn back and circle around in the opposite direction. There is so much merchandise that you’re bound to see a few new ...

Livin' La Vintage La Crosse

two California women set up shop and laid down roots for a cool traveling vintage clothes business

On August 12 and 13, the Eau Claire cultural buzz will be amplified by the second Eaux Claires Music & Arts Festival. During the fest, local shop Red’s Mercantile will host a backyard, flea-market style gathering ...

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