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Zaniya Center Brings Wellness Practices to All

owner Carla Cooper believes that wellness is not only physical but mental as well

At one point or another, we all get that ache in our back or our shoulders, but have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? The Zaniya Center specializes in finding your “why” and solving the root of the problem through different forms of ...

More Than Beards and Beer: A Guide to Self-Care for Men

men should take time for self-care, too

Let’s be honest. Self-care can be hard. Self-care is also often gendered, which doesn’t make much sense. Gender has no consequence on being kind to yourself and your body. That being said, given that self-care ...

Inner Peace Press Finds Peace in Publishing

Eau Claire’s Heather Felty publishes global books of healing

As we continue to come out of a chaotic pandemic, local publisher Heather Felty wants to remind us all to look inward to find peace. Felty, an Eau Claire native, owns Inner Peace Press, a publishing company producing books by independent authors about their journeys to overcome ...

Soul, Synergy, and More: Metaphysical Shop Now Open

experience new worlds of energetic healing and magical merchandise at Soul and Synergy

Discover the mystifying powers of reiki healing, divination, drum washing, and more. Soul and Synergy, 1233 Menomonie St., Eau Claire, is now open for curious minds to peruse their collection of beautiful jewelry and crystals, candles ...

New Therapy Practice Helps Clients Explore Mindfulness

Mindful Connections, LLC specializes in trauma care for first responders and incarcerated individuals

A new therapy practice in Eau Claire offers a holistic approach to mental health care. Mindful Connections, LLC was founded in 2021 by Cora Reuter Looker and Nichole Kaeppeler Kulow, two UW-Stout grads with experience working with incarcerated individuals ...

Relax for a Weekend with a Master Yogi at The Yoga Room

Indu Arora, Ayurveda and yoga therapist brings wisdom and relaxation to local yoga studio

Yoga is the place where your mind and body meet to give you complete wellness. Yoga instructor Indu Arora will share her wisdom on yoga and Ayurveda at The Yoga Room in Eau Claire on April 9-10. The weekend will be full of different workshops run by Arora, including mantras ...

FOREST HEALING: Silvasano Brings All-Natural Pain Relief Products to Eau Claire

all-natural ingredients and an emphasis on family and sustainability at the core of new local business

Family, healing, and a commitment to sustainable practices are the foundation of a new Eau Claire-based business. “We’ve been trying to live healthier lives, and be more natural the past few years,” said Trenity White, co-owner of topical treatment company Silvasano. “Somewhere along the way, pain is going to arise for people, and we want to give them an all-natural and organic solution ..

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