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Four Ways to Relax in 15 Minutes or Less

local yogi Amanda Polden talks quick tips to find your zen

Your nervous system connects your body to your mind. The sympathetic nervous system (SNS) controls “fight, flight, or freeze” responses to threats. Your parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) controls “rest and digest” when there’s no threat ...

Eight Areas to Remember When Creating a Self-Care Regimen

finding balance means focusing on core aspects of life

“You have more self-help books, attend more self-care workshops, and join more self-esteem groups than anyone I know, and you are someone who needs it least,” commented a former Chicago boyfriend. Yes, I admit I am a self-care, self-esteem, and self-help junkie ...

Uplift Counseling to Expand Offerings, Open Healing Center in E.C.

now offering night therapy, reduced cost therapy, and Elevate Health Collective

When it comes to your holistic health, Uplift Counseling (4330 Golf Terrace, Suite 202, Eau Claire) is offering additional options in 2024 to make the process easier for the community. Since 2020, Uplift Counseling has been providing compassionate counseling services ...

GENUINE CARING: Genuine Way Family Therapy

Karah Gonstead of Genuine Way Family Therapy focuses on mental health for mothers, tweens, teens, and young adults

“Keep going, keep growing” reads the slogan painted on the wall inside Genuine Way Family Therapy in Eau Claire. It’s a fitting summary of the approach Karah Gonstead takes to providing therapy: positive, supportive, and practical...

ONCOLOGY MASSAGE: A Look Inside A Business Dedicated to Support & Care

Paradise Massage, LLC, is spreading the word and changing the conversation around cancer treatment through massage

The c-word. For as many people as cancer impacts, it’s not a topic easily brought up, though one local business is aiming to reframe the conversation: Paradise Massage. “One in eight people are diagnosed with cancer sometime in their life. That’s a pretty high number,” Paradise Massage, LLC owner, Laura Ellingboe, said. “(Oncology massage) is something that I want everyone to know about.”


Dr. Lucas Emmerich at Central Health LLC uses structural chiropractic care to address pain

When you experience pain in your body, it’s important to trace it to its source, which is why Dr. Lucas Emmeriach is opening a new chiropractic practice, Central Health, in Altoona on May 6. Dr. Emmerich has a specific focus on structural chiropractic methods and is attempting to bridge the gap for this type of chiropractic care in the Chippewa Valley...

LET’S TALK ABOUT PARENTING: Local Series Talks Parenting Teens, Self-Care

self-care as a parent can be hard to schedule, but this series hopes to make it on your calendar

Self-care is not necessarily a bubble bath and your favorite book – in fact, it’s often a lot more gritty than that. To do the harder, inner-reflection work, there is no one-and-done method, although you don’t have to do it all by yourself. Take the topic of parenting ...

Are You Really Listening to Your Body?

self care includes checking in on your hearing, whether you’ve been thinking about it or not

“For so long, people have minimized the importance of hearing and how important it is to human connection,” Dr. Rebecca Younk, owner of Eau Claire’s Beltone, said. “Human connection is the ultimate self care. We all need our downtime, don’t get me wrong, but we also need our support networks and to communicate. For most, language is...

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