Heading "north" for the weekend is a part of the culture of living in the Chippewa Valley. Whether your relatives share a cabin, you're renting an RV for the summer, or you're simply setting up a tent, enjoying the great outdoors in the thick of the northwoods is one of the many unique opportunities we have available to us. This special section celebrates northwoods living, and spending some quality time in the woods and water of up north.

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Get Your Gear, Then Get Camping

your family’s northwoods adventure begins with some simple planning and basic camping gear

Summer is almost upon us and camping season is in full swing. Interested in getting out, but not really sure what to do? No worries. With a little bit of planning and some basic gear, camping is easy and can be lots of fun ...

5 Classic Resorts in Northern Wisconsin

perfect places to settle into cabin life

Ah, summer in northern Wisconsin: Pine scent hangs in the fresh air, the woods beckon, and diamond light dances across clear, deep lakes where fish are plentiful. These delightful resorts make great northern Wisconsin vacation bases ...

Within These Cabin Walls

First the family built a northwoods retreat. Then they built generations worth of memories.

My father, my brother, and I built our cabin the summer between my freshman and sophomore college years. And when I say we built the cabin, I mean my father bought the land, designed the structure ...

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