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Super Study Spots

find the serenity you need to blast through your schoolwork with these academic alcoves

That Campus Life

there’s tons of cool stuff you can do at our local colleges–­even if you’re not a student

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Happy Hundredth, Blugolds!

UW-Eau Claire is celebrating its centennial this fall, and you’re invited

In case the name of the newish Centennial Hall and the presence of a giant “1916” sign in the middle of campus didn’t tip you off, UW-Eau Claire had a big birthday coming up. The university turns 100 this year, and several celebrations will mark the historic occasion ...

What All First-Generation College Students Must Know

higher education isn’t about memorizing the right facts – it’s about learning how to learn

I began my college career behind the eight ball. While my grades in high school were decent enough (although by no means valedictorian worthy), my SAT scores were embarrassingly low. When I

Supreme Study Spots

find the serenity you need to blast through your schoolwork with these academic alcoves

Cramming. Hitting the books. Putting your nose to the grindstone. Whatever you call studying, it’s something every college student is familiar with. Whether you treat it like a part-time job or try learning everything an hour before the big test ...

Mascot v. Mascot

They’re both blue, made of fuzzy foam, and have the job of boosting school spirit. But which Chippewa Valley university mascot would win in a fight?

UW-Eau Claire NAME: Blu (although known in a prior incarnation as “Chip E. Wa”).ALMA MATER: UW-Eau Claire.OFFICIAL DEBUT: 2013.PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Wingless blue and gold

Teacher Tell-all

High school students, listen up: If you want to stay on your teachers’ good side, check this advice about what annoys them — then don’t do those things.

Ask any high school student (or anyone who’s ever been a high school student), and you’ll hear some stories about how annoying teachers can be. Like the history teacher whose lecture notes about the Civil War were laminated during the Civil War.

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