Dollar Stores

Dollar General

2109 Cameron St, Eau Claire

Dollar General offers customers anything they’d find in a general store – but at a lower price. Get snacks, school supplies, and even new clothes for next year. 2109 Cameron St., Eau Claire • (715) 852-0422 // 5474 169th…

Dollar Stores

Dollar Tree

309 E Prairie View Road, Chippewa Falls

The Dollar Tree offers just a little bit of everything. From party supplies, to electronics, to food and candy, you can think of the Dollar Tree as an inexpensive one-stop shopping location. 2836 N. Clairemont Ave., Eau Claire • (715) 839-7813…

Dollar Stores

Family Dollar Store

2745 Birch St., Eau Claire

Family Dollar has housewares, electronics, food, clothing, and plenty of other things that will get you started on your back to school shopping. 2745 Birch St., Eau Claire • (715) 552-3581 // 2621 N. Clairemont Ave., Eau Claire •…

Dollar Stores