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DRIVING YOUR FUTURE: What Working for Chilson Motors Can Do for You

family of auto dealerships offers multiple employment opportunities

“There’s a lot of opportunity,” explains Jeanne Chilson, who helps manage Chilson Subaru in Eau Claire, when asked about job prospects at Chilson Motors. “It’s excellent pay, great benefits, and if you love cars, it’s a great place to go to work – you’re around it all day” ...

Time for Tinting? Auto Trim Can Get It Right

Auto Trim will make sure you get the right tinting for your vehicle and Wisconsin law

Auto Trim in Eau Claire has specialized in car and truck accessories for the past 43 years, and their work speaks for itself. They specialize in every auto accessory you can think of including remote starters, seat warmers, leather and other fabric interiors ...

10 Car-Maintenance Musts

keep your clunker chugging with this car-care advice

Oil is really, really important. Remember the tin man in “The Wizard of Oz” with his empty oil can? Ever have achy joints or dry skin? Lubrication, people ...

Buying a Used Car? Be Smart About It

doing your homework can save you some headaches down the road

It’s time to buy a car, and you’ve decided to buy a used (or pre-owned) vehicle rather than a new one. Before you head out to buy your car, do your homework. There are many online resources to check the average retail prices of different makes and models of used ...

The Wisco Four-Way

pondering the conundrum of polite Midwesterners at stop signs

My daughter’s boyfriend was telling me a story the other day. In the middle, he used the phrase “A Wisconsin Four-Way.” I think from my furrowed brow he sensed I’d jumped to the wrong conclusion and quickly ...

10 Maintenance Musts

keep your clunker chugging with this car-care advice

I’m the last person you’d want to text in the middle of the night to help when your car has broken down. Mechanical, I’m not. Know, though, that your car might not have broken down had you taken the energy ...

Salty, but Safe: Keeping roads passable through winter

Now that we’re climbing out of the throes of winter and the roads are clearing up, we can reflect on surviving another several months of icy highways, thanks in great part to county highway departments. In Eau ...

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