Time for Tinting? Auto Trim Can Get It Right

Auto Trim will make sure you get the right tinting for your vehicle and Wisconsin law

Auto Trim in Eau Claire has specialized in car and truck accessories for the past 43 years, and their work speaks for itself. They specialize in every auto accessory you can think of including remote starters, seat warmers, leather and other fabric interiors, vinyl graphics, paint protection films, 12 Volt electronics, and of course – window tinting.

Window tinting not only makes your car more aesthetically pleasing, but it also provides more privacy for passengers and keeps the interior of your car cooler and more comfortable in the summer. Before going in to tint your windows, Auto Trim’s owner Jerry Abt says these are the things that need to be considered:


In Wisconsin, the window tinting law is specific about how much visible light transmission (VLT) is required on your vehicle: 50% VLT is required on the front side windows, over 35% VLT is required on the back windows, and windshield tint of any kind is illegal. Auto Trim will go to the legal limit of tinting but will not go beyond it. Why? Because those laws were put in place for a reason. Too much tinting can cause a lack of visibility with low light outside and can be dangerous for law enforcement making traffic stops. 

If you are in an accident with windows over the legal tint, your insurance company or the other person’s insurance company can refuse to pay for anything, citing that your illegal tint was the cause of the accident – whether it was or not. Not only that, but you could be looking at fines and possibly jail time. Other companies may take your money to illegally tint your window, but it could cost you a whole lot more in the long run.


The tinting process itself is rather painless and usually takes around four hours, depending on how many windows you are tinting. The price also depends on your vehicle, but you can easily call Auto Trim or inquire about the price through their website. Auto Trim’s tint also has a written lifetime warranty, so you’ll never have to worry.


After getting your windows tinted, you should leave your windows rolled up completely for the first 3-5 days to avoid any peeling. Some haziness is normal the first couple of days after getting them tinted and is only temporary. Keeping your vehicle in the sun can help speed up the process. Though unlikely, Auto Trim also offers services to remove window tinting if you decide it isn’t for you.


Tinting is great for all windows, not just cars. Auto Trim also installs commercial and residential window tinting to allow for more comfort and protection in your home, office, or store windows. Tinting in your home also stops the fading of carpet and furniture, conserves energy, and reduces glare – even at night.

Whether you’re looking for window tinting, custom graphics on your car, paint protection, or any other automotive accessory, Auto Trim has got you covered. Serving the Eau Claire area since 1978, Auto Trim has the experience and passion to enhance your vehicle to create exactly what you’re looking for.


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