MONSTER MASH: Chippewa Valley Halloween Events You Just Can’t Miss

if you’re looking to get scared senseless this spooky season, these events will do the trick (or treat)

The Witches Ball: Witch, please! This all-day event has three parts: the Metaphysical Fair, Buffet Dinner, and the Evening Ball. For just $5, you can join the family-friendly Metaphysical Fair where there will be ...

Paranormal Investigators Share Their Spookiest Encounters

if you want to hear a good ghost story, just ask someone who looks for ghosts ... for fun

Terry Fisk is a paranormal investigator for Unexplained Research LLC as well as noted authority on death and the afterlife. He is also the coauthor of The Wisconsin Road Guide to Haunted Locations and six other ghostly reads. After returning home from an investigative road trip ...

Get Spooked! Take a Peek at 4 Of the Scariest Spots in the Chippewa Valley

paranormal investigator Chad Lewis offers his top four places to check out around town

In the summer of 1886, a local fisherman witnessed a giant 7-foot monster lurking in the depths of the lake. Skeptics tried to explain that the monster was nothing more than an overgrown sturgeon, an immense turtle, or simply a fictional creation drummed up by over-imaginative anglers ...

Crack a Cold One With a Ghostly Pal at These Supposedly Haunted Bars

four local taverns with spine-chilling tales of haunts and horrors

Just imagine it: enjoying a Leinie’s Summer Shandy and making new friends from beyond the grave. That’s nothing new anyways, right? If you’re looking to make friends on the other side, there’s a handful of places in the Chippewa Valley that are rumored to be haunted. Goosebumbs ...

Get Ghosted With This Spooky Podcast

Heyde Center debuts podcast just in time for Halloween

Something spooky is heading into the Chippewa Valley, and it’s not just the usual seasonal changes. The Heyde Center for the Arts recently launched a paranormal podcast ...

Tips (and Tricks) for a COVID-Free Halloween

looking to celebrate Halloween safely? look no further than these spooky tips

As with everything else in 2020, COVID-19 will make Halloween a little (actually, a lot) different this year. Bobbing for apples is definitely a no-no, as are big gatherings with lots of spooky strangers.

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