Get Ghosted With This Spooky Podcast

Heyde Center debuts podcast just in time for Halloween

Something spooky is heading into the Chippewa Valley, and it’s not just the usual seasonal changes. The Heyde Center for the Arts recently launched a paranormal podcast ...

Tips (and Tricks) for a COVID-Free Halloween

looking to celebrate Halloween safely? look no further than these spooky tips

As with everything else in 2020, COVID-19 will make Halloween a little (actually, a lot) different this year. Bobbing for apples is definitely a no-no, as are big gatherings with lots of spooky strangers.

The Broom & Crow Sneaks to New Eau Claire Location

more space means more spell candles, crystals, stones, and tarot cards for this pagan shop

The Broom & Crow, Eau Claire’s pagan and new-age shop, has moved from its original downtown nest to a newer, bigger location on North Clairemont Avenue.

Do Hellhounds Abound in the Chippewa Valley?

fearsome, dog-like creatures stalk Chippewa Valley folklore

Every year as the chilling fall weather starts to permeate our bones, people often ask me to point them to a scary place they can visit in order to fully get into the Halloween spirit. Of course, I am always happy to inject some terror into this sinister season.

Ghosts From the Past

check out these eerie old images of Chippewa Valley kids celebrating the spooky season

Sure, you won’t find a Transformer or Pokemon in the bunch, but many of the Halloween costumes in these photos from the early- and mid-20th century look surprisingly ...

Little Frights in the Big Woods

bizarre tales of spirits tossing axes in the 1870s

In the 1870s, bizarre tales of spirits tossing axes and tearing bibles drew attention to a western wisconsin farm. Was it all the work of a troublesome poltergeist?

5 of the Spookiest Places in the Chippewa Valley

paranormal investigator Chad Lewis offers his list of top scary spots.

With that spirit in mind, I have put together my top list of spooky places in the Chippewa Valley. These places provide you with the opportunity to experience a Halloween filled with strange...

Spooky Stories: Live radio play brings life to horror storytelling

Get your Halloween creepy vibes and horror fix with some spooky stories, eerie performances, and live sound effects. “The Live Radio Collection: Spooky Halloween Show,” performed by the Speck of Dust Theatre Company at The Plus on Oct. 21, is a collection of five spooky radio dramas ...