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Ice Rinks 13

Slice up the ice on rinks both indoor and outdoor

Snowboarding 9

Shred up the slopes at these board-friendly locations

5 Winter Airbnb Getaways Around the Chippewa Valley

Need a cool getaway? Some of the coolest are right in our backyard

From Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls to Menomonie and the Elk Creek area, the Chippewa Valley is plentiful with air bnbs, and not just your average apartments and homes for weekend stays, either. Off-the-grid cabins, retro time capsules, and more ...

WINTER WHEELS: Urban Fat Bike Group Encourages Community

local fave SHIFT Cyclery & Coffee Bar is now offering a new free event

SHIFT’s new Urban Fat Bike Group Rides event is scheduled out through March and will be every other Wednesday at 6pm, starting and ending at the shop. While fat bikes are a plus given our area’s wintry weather through spring, SHIFT Bike Manager Chris Locke said they certainly aren’t a requirement for people to participate ...

Beer, Running and Camaraderie: Hash House Harriers Rule Wisco Winter Recreation

it doesn’t get much more Wisconsin than this group of avid beer and recreation lovers

It can be difficult for some folks to get their bodies moving and get out and about during our Wisconsin winters, especially when there’s a warm couch to plop onto and drink a cold beer on. The Hash House Harriers have found the answer to that too-easy slump, right here in the Chippewa Valley; they’ve hit the trifecta, meshing beer, exercise, and camaraderie into one ...

Been There, Done Fat: A Starter’s Guide to Fatbiking

an enthusiast gives the skinny on fatbiking through the Wisconsin winter

Fatbikes open up a new world of places to ride (not to mention an entire winter season) because of the extra tire width that rolls right over all the junk you can’t ride over with even a typical mountain bike. In general, fatbike tires are between 4 and 5 inches which ...

Eau Claire Man Helps Locals Recapture Childhood Through Homemade Toboggans

longtime businessman Steve Vogelsang spends retirement crafting custom toboggan sleds, helping families make memories each winter

Every winter Steve Vogelsang hears the same story from 20 different people. The story starts with how much they loved sledding as a child, what hill they used to sled on, how many kids were there, and how wet they were when they trekked back into their house at the end of a fun-filled day...

Local Fatbiking Scene Welcomes Newbies, Old Helmets

With December temps in the mid-to-high 30s, it would seem that snow will come and go this winter. One thing that is here to stay, though, is fat biking. Even if you haven’t tried it yet, you’ve likely seen ...

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