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Frigid Fun After Dark: Winter After Hours starts in Boyd Park in January

Winter can be an isolating time, and sometimes even we hearty Wisconsinites need a nudge to break our routines and actually get outside and enjoy the season’s snowy splendor instead of complaining about it. We need motivation to pull on our stocking caps and dig our ice skates out of the closet or even strap on some snowshoes ...

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Up, Up, and Away!

international cup competition adds new layer to Silver Mine Ski Jump tourney

Getting outdoors this winter and watching high quality athletic competitions doesn’t have to be an either/or proposition in the Chippewa Valley: Eau Claire has hosted the Silver Mine Invitational, which welcomes top ski jumpers from around the world, for 130 straight winters. Introducing your family to the thrilling sport of ski jumping ...

Seasonal Ice

rip-roarin’ winter festival puts ATVs, cars, on frozen Lake Wissota in the spirit of chilly fun

The Second Annual Winter Fest and Games on January 29 through 31 on Lake Wissota will be a chilly and unforgettable event – complete with a snowmobile parade organized to break the current record in the Guinness Book of World Records, auto and ATV racing on the ice, snowmobile drag racing, fat bike racing ...

What to Do at the New Pinehurst Park

If you want to ski, sled, snowboard, skate, or snowshoe in the Chippewa Valley, look no further than Pinehurst Park on Eau Claire’s north side. Over the past year a dedicated group of volunteers has put in countless hours transforming ...

Catchin’ the Red Eye

IT’S A PRETTY UNIQUE THRILL to be skiing down a mountain, poles up bouncing off the fresh powder as you guide yourself through the pristine winter scene. For the last 40 years, the Red Eye Ski Club has pursued that exact feeling, taking trips ...

Broomball Fever

a different take on hockey, without the skates

I know your dilemma. You love watching hockey and may like to try it, but you aren’t very comfortable skating around on a razor thin blade of metal ...

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