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SMALL BUT MAGNIFICENT: Meet Jack the Magnificent, E.C.’s Most Famous Mini Horse

pint-sized Eastside Hill equine brings smiles during his morning walks

Jack the Magnificent, as his Facebook page and owner Rose Vincent have dubbed him, is the Eastside Hill pony many Eau Claire residents have come to recognize and adore. Mini but mighty, Jack is a 7-year-old, 400-pound mini horse currently in training to ...

Meet the Best – Eau Claire Animal Hospital

Eighth consecutive year the Eau Claire Animal Hospital has been voted #1 Best Veterinary Clinic.

The Eau Claire Animal Hospital has been a staple amongst the Chippewa Valley for over 50 years--and for good reason! From emergency care and check-ups to boarding and grooming, E.C.A.H. offers a vast array of quality services and care for your animal companions.

LIVE LONG AND PAWSPURR: Pet Food Drive Runs Until Dec. 15

three local businesses sponsor drive asking for donations for those in need of pet essentials

Businesses in the area will be collecting donations and delivering them to St. Francis Food Pantry. In addition to non-perishable food and other related items, they welcome ...

COMMUNITY EFFORT: E.C. Humane Society to Break Ground on New Facilities in 2023

overwhelming support for animal shelter’s campaign puts construction a year ahead of schedule

The Eau Claire County Humane Association’s (ECCHA) “Be the Voice” campaign is closing in on its $6.5 million goal after about a year and a half of fundraising and an outpouring of support from the community, the animal shelter aiming to be moved in by fall ...

Don't Forget the Plastic Bag! While Walking His Dog, Owner Ponders Life's Basic Functions

since moving to a city after 40 years in the sticks, local writer Ron Davis discovered dog poop is a pretty big deal

Just about every morning my yellow lab, Penny, and I take a walk. Usually we get out pretty early, just when empty cars in driveways are coming to life, remotely triggered by the owners getting ready for work. There’s very little traffic then ...

‘Dogs Are Good for the Soul’: How One Local Groomer Pampers Pets

love, body language, and passion – Libby Baribeau shares what it’s like to be a pet groomer

Libby Baribeau transferred a decade of horse riding and training experience to a new arena when she began her grooming career more than 20 years ago. Working alongside Puckabee’s Canine Salon owner Melissa Kullman, Baribeau uses her extensive knowledge of animal body language to groom a wide range of animals ...

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