Don't Forget the Plastic Bag! While Walking His Dog, Owner Ponders Life's Basic Functions

since moving to a city after 40 years in the sticks, local writer Ron Davis discovered dog poop is a pretty big deal

Just about every morning my yellow lab, Penny, and I take a walk. Usually we get out pretty early, just when empty cars in driveways are coming to life, remotely triggered by the owners getting ready for work. There’s very little traffic then ...

‘Dogs Are Good for the Soul’: How One Local Groomer Pampers Pets

love, body language, and passion – Libby Baribeau shares what it’s like to be a pet groomer

Libby Baribeau transferred a decade of horse riding and training experience to a new arena when she began her grooming career more than 20 years ago. Working alongside Puckabee’s Canine Salon owner Melissa Kullman, Baribeau uses her extensive knowledge of animal body language to groom a wide range of animals ...

'Dog Mom' Ventures Into Cat Territory

adopted scaredy cat helps longtime dog owner cope with loss

I am – and always will be – a dog mom. My dog, Ripley, was a blind, senior pooch who was my entire world. He was the best thing to come out of a painful breakup, and the bond we shared was indescribable – the two of us against the world. So when I lost him quickly and unexpectedly ...

Time to Paw-ty! Humane Association Hosts Second Annual Cat's Meow Masquerade

fundraiser aims to support Eau Claire County Humane Association

Let the good times roll – Mardi Gras style – with the Eau Claire County Humane Association’s second annual Cat’s Meow fundraiser, slated for 5:30-9pm on Thursday, Oct. 14, at Wild Ridge Golf Course. Guests can expect a night slam-packed with live entertainment, food ...

A Doggone Good Idea: UW-Stout Grad's Invention Places in National Design Competition

puppy paw wax applicator makes it easier to protect dog paws from snow, ice, salt, and other elements

Claire Dronen, a recent UW-Stout industrial design graduate, loves walking, running, and being outdoors with her mixed-breed dog, Benji. To protect Benji’s paws, Dronen tried doggie boots, which Benji disliked and pulled off quickly. She then started to use wax to protect Benji’s paws from snow, ice, salt, and other elements as well as to provide better traction ...

Local Pet Photog Offers Tips For Photo-Ready Pets

if you have a pet and your camera roll contains nothing but blobs or blurs, here are some tips for you ...

You need a high shutter speed to get a photo of a wiggly subject that isn’t blurry. The more light there is, the higher shutter speed ...

Changing Lives One Dog at a Time

Can Do Canines works with local prisons to train assist dogs

If you ask Dyan Larson how to make a difference in someone’s life, she’ll have just one word for you: dogs. 

Ready to Roll: Locals Leash Up Cats for a Stroll

cat-walking may seem like an odd trend, but it's good for feline health

If you’re a cat person, you may have noticed the latest bizarre, yet pawsitively purrfect trend in the world of our feline companions. Ladies and gentleman, may I introduce you to cat walking. You heard me right: taking your cat for a walk ...

Wisco Winter-Friendly Dogs

breeds that beat the winter weather and some that don’t

Wisconsin is known for below-freezing temperatures, snowstorms, and icy conditions throughout winter. Some dogs are all over it, while others need ...

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Pet Project is sponsored by:

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