Just A Spoonful of Sugar Keeps Unwanted Hairs Away

new sugar waxing studio is on its way to making ‘happy, hairless customers’ in the Valley

Kalyn Cronk, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Eau Claire’s Eryn Johnson recently introduced organic waxing through Sugaring NYC to the Chippewa Valley. OK, but what even is sugaring, and why is it in Eau Claire? “Sugaring is a form of hair removal that differs from waxing in two ways,” Johnson said. “First, it ...

Get Great Skin, One Aqua Glow Facial at a Time

The Rose Room in Eau Claire offers lash extensions, teeth whitening, and other beauty offerings

Reonna Huettner

Doing what you love is one thing, but being able to do what you love while being your own boss takes working to a new level. Single mom Amber Lynn has spent years trying to discover her true passion, and – after working multiple jobs that didn’t quite seem to fit her style ...

Look Over to Fern Westover For Latest Jewelry Trends

former E.C. resident Cat Leonardson creates colorful clay earrings – a bold style for anyone

Grace Schutte

Former Eau Claire resident Cat Leonardson is making a bold statement with their collection of colorful polymer clay jewelry. Leonardson created their Fern Westover jewelry line in January while looking for something to do during quarantine. “Over the pandemic, I wore more and more earrings,” Leonardson said. “I did a bunch ...

Hair Goes Nothing: Hairstylists Hosts Charity Event to Raise Money for Veterans

annual hair show and fundraiser keeps it stylish amid an unruly year

Natalie Derks

Unstyled. Unkempt. Unruly. As hair salons were shut down in 2020, many people began the year with once-tidy hair and left it with messy manes.  Similarly, like most events in 2020, Hairica – an annual fundraiser and hair show aimed at raising money for veterans – was cancelled. This year, though, it’s back and better than ever ...

Dare to Dream: Drewmark Boutique Revolutionizes Boutique Industry

new Chippewa Falls business offers a twist on traditional boutique clothing

words & photos by Parker Reed

A Chippewa Falls business owner is taking the typical definition of the word “boutique” and revolutionizing it to fit her broad range of creative products. Drewmark Boutique, a new shop located in downtown Chippewa Falls at 15 E. Central St. ...

Jewelry Without Labels: Local Jewelers Transcend Gender With Wearable Art

androgynous, or gender neutral, jewelry gaining popularity

Kalyn Cronk

With androgynous jewelry, the possibilities are endless for everyone. “In this day and age, kind of anything goes,” said Camille Hempel, a jeweler in the Chippewa Valley area. Androgynous jewelry is simply about self expression and wearing what feels comfortable, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or what’s trending ...

From New York to Eau Claire: Local Artist Christy Skuban’s History in the NY Fashion Scene

"I rubbed shoulders with a lot of the big-name designers at the time," the former visual merchandiser said. "It was quite an experience."

Kalyn Cronk

Most children dream of becoming a doctor, a teacher, or a veterinarian when they grow up. Christy Skuban always knew what she wanted to do: She wanted to be in the fashion industry. Skuban studied fashion at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, only to receive a scholarship to go to the Parsons School of Design in New York to further her eye for fashion ...

Fashion Focus

fashion-forward individuals talk about their unique style

V1 Staff, photos by Andrea Paulseth

What are you wearing? I am wearing a black romper probably from Kohl’s as well as my fun little shoes. My black boots are from Kohl’s. My earrings, these are super old. I got from a little boutique ...

The Power of the Scrunchie

UW-Eau Claire student brings scrunchies back in business

Rebecca Mennecke

Popular hairdos of the 1980s can sometimes seem a little cringey in retrospect. From long mullets and poofy perms to frizzy crimped locks and hairspray up the wazoo, it can be tough ...

Stitching for the Stars

Menomonie tailor gives celebrity service to locals, stars alike

Lauren Fisher, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Erin Hogan-Braker was calm as could be, snacking on a slice of chocolate chip banana bread and sipping coffee at Acoustic Cafe in Menomonie. Her phone, on the other hand, was ...

Fashion Focus, Fall 2018

photos by Andrea Paulseth

We scoured a few local hotspots for the most fashion-forward individuals we could find to talk about their unique style ...

Always in Fashion

while big clothing stores are closing down, home-grown businesses shine

Lauren Fisher, photos by Andrea Paulseth

A uniform indicates occupation. A pair of running shoes communicates athleticism. Accessories show attention to detail, and a tear in the knee suggests an active lifestyle ...

Oh Sew Unique: Local tailors garments to the individual

Emilee Wentland, photos by Andrea Paulseth

It starts with a conversation. From there, local clothing maker Elizabeth de Cleyre gets to know the person seeking a new garment before she designs them a custom-made piece ...

Fashion Focus

we scoured a few local hotspots for the most fashion-forward individuals we could find to talk about their unique style

photos by Andrea Paulseth

We scoured a few local hotspots for the most fashion-forward individuals we could find to talk about their unique style.

Cold One and a Cut

The Dapper Man makes looking sharp a leisurely affair

Bryan Reynolds, photos by Andrea Paulseth

I sat down in the barber chair after what felt like a long day at work, and heard, “would you like a beer?” Heck yea! Martha Benitez is bringing a new grooming sensation to the Chippewa Valley ...

Flair for Your Hair

Chip’s makes local hair products for men

Natalie Derks

Do you need help taming your hair? Well, you’re in luck – there’s a local line of men’s hair products coming out called Chip’s High Maintenance, and it’s sure to do just the trick. Chip’s High Maintenance is ...

Red's Dresses to Impress

carefully selected, American-made threads at Red’s Mercantile

Haley Wright

Red’s Mercantile, a locally owned boutique in Eau Claire that offers a variety high-quality, American-made household items, is expanding its offering to women’s clothing and footwear ...

In the Mood: Menomonie boutique offers style … and coffee

Haley Wright, photos by Timothy Mather

A new boutique, Mood, has arrived in downtown Menomonie, offering women’s fashion celebrating women of all shapes, sizes, and ages. The venue features chic accessories, shoes, home décor, gifts ...

Chippewa Valley Jewelry Designer Thrives on Elegant Curves

Laura Lash, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The Token Jewelry collection displays fine lines and delicate details in such an ethereal way it will have you thinking of silver linings on dark clouds or the sliver of an amber moon in the fall night sky ...