Cold One and a Cut

The Dapper Man makes looking sharp a leisurely affair

Bryan Reynolds, photos by Andrea Paulseth

I sat down in the barber chair after what felt like a long day at work and heard, “Would you like a beer?” Heck yea! Martha Benitez is bringing a new grooming sensation to the Chippewa Valley. Men know that getting a haircut is a relaxing and rewarding experience, but the ladies at The Dapper Man (2800 London Road, Eau Claire) are taking it to a new level. Benitez has been cutting men’s hair here in Eau Claire for many years, but her tenure as a barbershop owner is just getting started. The Dapper Man opened earlier this year, and is already making a big impact on the community and its customers.  Benitez opened her own salon to leave a legacy for her son. She wanted to give him something to look up to. “How do you know if something won’t work, if you don’t try it,” she said.  The ladies of Dapper Man came together earlier this fall to introduce themselves to the community and give back to those less fortunate in a charitable event. They offered free haircuts and gave patrons a much-needed rest. Benitez spoke highly of this experience and said that this is something they will continue to do, when given the chance. In the meantime, The Dapper Man will offer discounts to local Military, Police, and Fire Department staff. There are currently only three barbers doing men’s and boy’s cuts; don’t expect too many more. Benitez wants to keep the talent expectations high so that her clients know they are giving their hard-earned dollars to ladies they can trust. She wants The Dapper Man to be a place men feel comfortable coming back to. “There is just something about sitting down and spending your time with someone, over a cold beer,” Benitez said. Take some time to visit the modern, clean shop, which has that old-school barbershop flair. They will take good care of you, and leave you walking out looking forward to your next cut. Did I get a great haircut? Heck yea. Will I be going back for my next haircut? You know it. 

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