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Sculpture Tour Photos

Check out some of the new local sculptures around town! 

Sculpture Tour Installation 2020

Early on the morning of Wednesday, June 17, organizers installed the 2020 Sculpture Tour of Eau Claire throughout downtown Eau Claire, including ...

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[PHOTOS] Enjoying the Sunshine During Quarantine

springtime brings Wisconsinites outdoors (at a distance, of course)

Spring weather brought Chippewa Vallians into the great outdoors over the first weekend of May to paddle, pedal, fish, walk, and just lounge while soaking up ...

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[PHOTOS] Curbside Pick-up and Delivery during COVID

Court'n House, Grand Ave Café, and The District Pub & Grill

While getting together and dining in is a thing of the past for the foreseeable future, Chippewa Valley restaurants are taking matters into their own hands with curbside pickup, takeout, and other creative ways ...

2020 Midwest Weirdfest Film Festival

The 2020 Midwest Weirdfest Film Festival, headquartered at Micon Downtown Cinema, happened at locations around downtown Eau Claire March 6-8. The fest features cutting edge genre ...

Decadent Cabaret 41

Decadent Cabaret #41 took place at Brickhouse Pub and Grub and featured South Farwell, Do it Yourself Daisy, Drunk Drivers, Stare Across, FMDown, Ghosts of the Sun, Orenda Fugue, The Broken Eights, Venison, and more. Photos are from Thursday, March 5th and Saturday, March 7th.

Frosty Frolic 2020

The Beaver Creek Reserve’s Frosty Frolic features winter fun like snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, dogsledding, and more. This year’s fourth annual event took place on Saturday, Feb. 29.

Fire Ball 2020: Pride Is a Riot

The Fire Ball is UW‐Eau Claire's drag ball extravaganza. Every Spring, the Ojibwe Grand Ballroom plays host to local and national drag performers who turn it up for packed audiences ...

The Barnacle Presents: The Barnacle (At the Plus)

On Friday, February 28, The Plus in downtown Eau Claire hosted "a chaotic night of music ;and comedy from the most chaotic DIY venue in Eau Claire: The Barnacle." The night featured Wealthy Relative, Laundry, Westkorea, Dissonant Mind, MoMMi, Alyssa Anderson, and Eric Christenson.

Jerrika Mighelle and Friends: Hemma + The Nunnery

Eau Claire singer/songwriter Jerrika Mighelle has made a name for herself in the Chippewa Valley and beyond for songs that grab right onto the heart. Her reputation even gained her a radio show ...

Best Night 2020

The Best Night is Volume One's big annual party celebrating its Best of the Chippewa Valley Reader Poll and the Chippewa Valley Vanguard Awards with food, drinks, live DJs, roving performers, art installations ...