Meet the makers from The Local Store handcrafting hundreds of products!

Aaron Ellringer

Kubb Farm
Eau Claire

"Kubb unites people and creates peace on earth."

Kubb Farm is a family owned distributor of high quality kubb sets in the Kubb Capital of North America - Eau Claire, WI.

Aaron & Ruth

Cube Bath Salts - Rhinelander, WI

"We are a small, family-run business in Northern Wisconsin dedicated to producing quality locally-made natural health & beauty products. Central to our business ideals is the belief that Americans are better served by American-made products. Our family-focused business model is dedicated to promoting the core values of hard work and principled living while providing quality products for cleanliness and well-being."

Cube Bath Salts in a small, family-run business based out of Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

Alisa Toninato

American Skillet Co. - Madison, WI

These “Sconnie” pans are cast in Kaukauna WI, pre-seasoned and 100% American Made! The cast iron pans are commercially manufactured in Wisconsin and pre-seasoned-labeled-and-boxed at company headquarters in Madison, Wisconsin.

Alyssa Van Doorn

Brown Barn Botanicals - Holcombe, WI

"At Brown Barn Botanicals, we love creating products that not only help people feel more beautiful but also support and enhance a healthier quality of life. Thru Brown Barn Botanicals we are able to apply our passion for botanical farming and professional training in natural skincare formulating, biology, holistic aromatherapy, and herbalism to create unique, prestige quality skincare products using a vertically integrated agri-business model not found anywhere else."

Brown Barn Botanicals specializes in 100% natural plant-based bath & body products. Made without preservatives or emulsifiers, our super healthy formulations never use chemicals and we never test on animals. Every one of our products is formulated and manufactured in small batches by us at our own lab and feature botanicals grown by us at our own farm in Wisconsin.

Amber Liddle

Liddle Handmade - Milwaukee, WI

"I love what I do because it gives me a creative outlet and the flexibility to be with my kids. Plus, I was already buying fabric, I figured I should put it to good use!"

My work is centered around three things: good fabric, durability, and washability. As a parent, I still want to look at nice things, I don't have money to spend on things that won't last, and I am a person that needs to be able to throw everything in the washer/dryer and not worry about it. My baby items are all that! They make great gifts for new parents.

Ambient Inks

Eau Claire

"Backed by a team made up of printers, musicians, and artists, we’re a merchandise production and design company that blends creativity, craft, and collaboration to bring your project to life, and create an unrivaled customer experience."

Most of the apparel and many of the prints at The Local Store are designed by our in-house team and printed locally by our favorite local print shop, Ambient Inks.

Amy Beidleman

Eau Claire transplant in Colorado

"Painting scenes of the Eau Claire area and turning them into cards has been a way to share my love of this special place that I grew up in."

The 3 1/2 x 5 cards made from original watercolor paintings are available in singles as well as variety sets of 12 featuring both landscapes and fish. When Amy's not painting she can be found doing serious research in the great outdoors for future art projects.

Asahi Nagata

Eau Claire to Minneapolis

The Local Store is my most favorite store, and I feel very lucky to create prints for them! I love creating colorful fun illustrations that would make people happy.

Becky McIlhargey

Eau Claire

“I love making whimsical handcrafted cards because of the joy I see on the recipient’s face.”

I am new to crafting. I needed something to pass the time after both of my children left home to attend college. I started making origami crafts and then expanded to greeting cards. I continue to be overwhelmed by the positive response I receive upon each new design. I pour my pride of living and raising my family in Eau Claire into each handcrafted card I create.

Ben & John

Woodchuck - Minneapolis

Woodchuck is a Made in USA brand that plants a tree for EVERY product purchased. You'll get a “BUY ONE. PLANT ONE.” card that includes the coordinates of where your tree is planted. Woodchuck has planted over 1 Million trees on 6 different continents in the past two years.

Bob Fuller

Eau Claire

"My woodworking retirement hobby provides challenges, rewards, and FUN! Projects have taken me from small items like plaques, toys, and puzzles to tables, cabinets, and one of a kind benches for the Children’s Museum of Eau Claire. I particularly enjoy unique combinations of wood, with some projects including exotic inlay. Finishing in natural tones, while attending to relationships of species, grain, colors, and uniqueness, all contribute to a satisfying experience."

Mini-kubb sets evolved from full sized kubb pieces constructed with and for friends and family. Other kubb sets, of unique woods with inlay, have been built for charity auctions. The first mini-sets were one of our Christmas gifts from a friend and me as part of our 15+ year tradition of producing a toy or puzzle from diverse woods around “Santa’s” workshop.

Candice Odeen

A+CO Embroidery - Eau Claire

“Stitching is more than just a hobby or diversion for me, it's a creative outlet that allows me to share my vision with the Chippewa Valley and beyond. I source premium-quality fabric, hoops and thread and draw custom patterns to offer unique, handmade crafts that will last a lifetime.”

Blending timeless tradition with modern charm, A+CO creates embroidered hoops and offers its original patterns in easy-to-assemble embroidery kits for crafters seeking DIY elegance. Owned and operated by an Eau Claire artisan, A+CO supports the crafting community by buying local and teaching techniques at makers' workshops. Our mission is to promote stitching as an expressive artform and inspire others to learn, create and share.

Colleen McCarrier & Hannah Jablonski

HANmade - Milwaukee

"There’s nothing more exciting than taking an idea for a design and seeing it through to completion as a finished product on the shelf! I love meeting the owners of shops all over town, discovering local and USA-based manufacturers, learning new things about managing a business and BEST of all, having the fun of meeting customers in person at area events and markets."

In 2011 I found myself thinking, Milwaukee needs a souvenir tablecloth like you used to find in the 1950s.” Well, we didn’t tackle a tablecloth but instead created our playful and popular “LAKEFRONT Souvenir Bandanna,” later joined by a notebook, puzzle and assorted limited edition items along the way. I didn’t stop thinking, and in 2016 our first Wisconsin-themed design was born… “WISCONSIN PARTY Know-How!”… playfully featuring the foods you’d find at a party in your auntie’s rec room. What better canvas for food than a kitchen towel, coasters and a beverage tray!

Cory Newman

Birch Barking Mad Creations - Duluth

"I have always gravitated toward appreciating and exploring nature, and then using the peaceful/healing memory of mother nature as inspiration for my own creative endeavors; making birch bark jewelry is a very natural extension of my love of art and the natural environment."

Cory currently resides amid the hills and trees of Duluth, Minnesota, where forests and fallen birch trees are never hard to find. All of his jewelry is handmade using birch bark sustainably harvested from the woods of northern Minnesota.

Cari Raynae

Eau Claire

"I love to see someone smile or even burst into laughter when reading the greeting on my cards. It makes me feel like I may have helped brighten their day a bit."

Cari Raynae creates one-of-a-kind clothing, paper/paint collages, and unique greeting cards right here in the Chippewa Valley in her own "Creation Station/ Studio"

Carrie Chapko

StudioCarrie - Milwaukee

I strive to create art that I would want to hang on my own wall, the fact that others connect with it brings me complete joy.

Carrie is an artist, designer and illustrator. She designs and produces art prints, notebooks and journals in her home in Pewaukee, WI. She has lived in Wisconsin her entire life and finds Wisconsin is a recurring theme in her art.

Cassandra Lueck

heartSTORMS Studio - Eau Claire

"My passion is creativity, combined with nature and positive energy. Through my jewelry I am able to create a lasting treasure that combines all of these things."

The Nature-Encased Pendants in the Local Store were born out of Cassandra's passions. They are curated on evening woodland walks, riverside strolls and north woods hikes, where Cassandra hand-picks bits of earth to take home and cast into molds. The finished product is a token of Wisconsin that is both beautiful and timeless.

Chip Hower

Hower Toys - Hazelhurst, WI (Oneida County)

"One of the best feelings is knowing on Christmas day there are kids all over the U.S.A. getting excited over something that you made. Also knowing that people who buy my toys plan on passing them on to future generations."

Hower Toys of Wisconsin are handmade up north of long-lasting Wisconsin hardwoods. They are made with superior craftsmanship, the utmost quality, and local values. Excellent as both heirloom gifts or rough-n-tumble toys.

Christie Karow

Nature of Art - Eau Claire

"Nature does a lot of the work for me. Once I find natures treasures, inspiration hits me and I follow it where it takes me."

I create jewelry inspired by nature and incorporate it into my art by utilizing pine cones, wood pieces, bark, and metal.

Crysten Nesseth

Iron Maid Art - Barron, WI

"Creating warmth and whimsy from a cold, hard medium."

Metal Sculptoress, Crysten Nesseth, developed a passion for working with recycled metals and sustainable arts after graduating from St. Olaf College in 2012, with a degree in Biology. That same year, she picked up a welder, and started Iron Maid Art; is a Woman-Owned, Wisconsin/Minnesota-based, Recycled Arts Small Business. Crysten explores many avenues of work, including outdoor exhibition sculptures, art festivals and events, signs, custom work, wholesale and retail products and much more.

Daniel & Tamara Herskovic

Mayana Chocolate - Spooner, WI

Mayana Chocolate is a destination, a new world of chocolate experienced in every flavor, every bite, and every ingredient. Award-winning Chef Daniel Herskovic uses only the best, freshest ingredients to create an uncommonly luxurious chocolate product. All Mayana confections feature only organic cream, pure ingredients, and never any extracts.

Daikon Iverson

Iverson Custom Coatings - Eau Claire

"I have always loved all things mechanical and been inspired to think with an entrepreneurial mind. It's great that I can work around my school schedule and provide quality products and creations."

Iverson Custom Coatings specializes in both small and medium-sized projects. Daikon built a 4'x4'x6' oven to cure those bigger pieces and prides himself in perfecting his craft. Powder Coating is the process of applying electro-statically charged powder particles to a metal piece then melting the powder on. Powder coating is more desirable than paint due to its superior durability and is eco-friendly, emitting zero solvents. The Local Store carries his clever creation of powder coated RTIC® cups with Stainless Steel "Wisconsin" Logos. Daikon is a high schooler and lives with his family in rural Eau Claire.

Diana Peterson

Paul Bunyan Logging Camp Museum - Eau Claire

"Our passion is allowing visitors to experience life in an 1890s logging camp."

Our Paul and Babe plush figures and The Adventures of Paul Bunyan book look back to a time when men sat around the bunkhouse Saturday nights telling tall tales. Our projects help adults and kids alike use their imagination to travel back in time or to create new tall tales of their own.

Duluth Pack

Duluth, MN

"Being the leader of the oldest canvas and leather bag and pack manufacturer in the United of States of America, it makes me so proud to uphold the core values of this American heritage company. Duluth Pack core values and top priorities are quality, premium product, Made in America by our employees and offering a lifetime guarantee on all craftsmanship and hardware. These four points should ignite loyal and new customers to invest in a piece of American heritage. Our passion and mission as a company is to get Duluth Pack handcrafted products in front of as many people as we possibly can."
– Tom Sega (owner)

Duluth Pack is the oldest canvas and leather bag and pack company in the USA. and has been manufacturing high quality, built-to-last canvas and leather bags, packs, and outdoor gear in their century-old factory.

Elle & Jim McGee

Chippewaddlers - Eau Claire & Appleton WI

"We know these little wooden duck toys will waddle into you & your children's hearts."

Cut & crafted in the Fox River Valley, assembled, painted, and polished in the Chippewa Valley, Chippewaddlers are the product of a father-daughter team.

Ellen Sorenson & Drew Kaiser

Kaisereson Honey - Eau Claire

"Ellen and Drew found their mutual love of bees at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. She was a Geography Student while he studied Art. It was a seemingly unlikely intersection of passions that proved to be complementary"

In 2010, Ellen started an apiary at UWEC as part of an independent study with Geography Professor Joseph Hupy. In addition to learning to keep bees, they sought to understand how the complex and ever changing cover of rural Wisconsin affected honeybee health and mortality. They distributed a survey to beekeepers across the state and mapped their responses.

Emily Eder

RouteThree Studios - Eau Claire

RouteThree Studios stems from a lifetime of drinking creative juices. My creativity often spills over into my daily life - it's simple: I enjoy making.

I've always been creative, but it wasn't until I was an adult that I became interested in sewing. I love bright, fun, quirky prints and designs that speak. RouteThree is actually the name of the street that I grew-up on- it seemed like the perfect name to represent both the physical and virtual space in which I keep ideas, inspirations, and future project plans!

Erika LaPean

Ollie & Olina - Milwaukee

"I love seeing happy faces when they give or receive a handmade gift. It makes me feel good about what I'm doing."

Owner Erika lives in Milwaukee, WI with her three daughters. She uses high quality materials to craft these adorable bibs.

Grace & Jim Alworth

Studio 2 Ceramics

"Our love for pottery is infectious so we opened a classroom the summer of 2017. We teach low-pressure, casual classes with the goal of sharing this love. Our art is inspired by the creativity and generosity of our community and we’d love to have you be a part of it."

Studio 2 Ceramics got its start in 2005 when Duluth native, Jim Alworth, was creating clay monsters instead of doing “serious art” and Carolina native, Grace, was tickled that an artist was having fun. We incorporate joy and a playful spirit in all the work we do. We purchase our supplies from local businesses and use sustainable and earth-gentle practices whenever possible. We don’t use molds or heavy machinery and our kiln is powered by the solar panels above our studio in Northeast Minneapolis. You will notice slight variations from mug to mug because each piece is made by hand. We want you to know that an actual human made your mug because we are artists, not a factory.

Holly Kohlwey

Lincs and Fins
Eau Claire

"I love creating fun, unique onesies with a local flair and bringing joy to others with my creations."

From tracing and cutting the designs to the final stitches, Holly does all of her work out of her little basement studio. As a stay-at-home mom of two energetic boys, they are the inspiration behind her products.

Home Front Knitting

Marcy Leasum Orwig
Eau Claire

"Knitting socks on my vintage machine connects me to the past. My great-uncle hand cranked socks on it for cold Wisconsin winters, as did my great-great grandmother."

Each pair of Northwoods Wool Socks are crafted to help you stay warm during harsh Midwestern winters. The design of the socks are based on a period pattern and original yarn colors that were included with the vintage machine. Step into history with the traditional wool socks of farmers and lumberjacks!

Honest Roast Coffee

Eau Claire

"Honest. Local. Coffee."

Honest Roast Coffee sources the finest specialty coffees from farms and co-ops around the world and roasts them using our own proprietary methods to create the best possible coffee experience. They have a passion for coffee as a craft and art form and share that passion with our fellow coffee lovers. Roasted locally at Banbury Place in Eau Claire, WI.

James Steeno

James Steeno Gallery

"Art Maps are local views of Wisconsin from the sky with a proclivity towards art, color and design. They start where traditional maps end and are for your living, working or dreaming spaces. Enjoy!"

James Steeno, a native of Wisconsin is an independent artist/illustrator in Milwaukee. Born and raised in Green Bay, he began art classes at a young age. He holds a Baccalaureate of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in graphic design and illustration from the University of Wisconsin, Oshkosh. James participates in a variety of art shows, fairs and painting competitions around the state of Wisconsin. Currently, he works as a freelance artist/illustrator within his home-studio in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Milwaukee, where he resides with his wife and their daughter.

Jason Larson

JP’s Backyard Games

"I love making Kubb sets for people and I find Kubb is the perfect game for all ages and abilities."

JP’s Backyard Games started as a small hobby business making games for my friends. Today Kubb sets are shipped all across the USA. What I’m most proud of is the fact the schools are starting to use Kubb as a tool in their curriculum.

Jennifer Smelker

Tandem For Two
Grand Haven, MI

"I love celebrating where we live and where life takes us and my handmade home good products help do just that! I’m also passionate about supporting our communities with our products by giving 10% of our profits back to communities torn apart by natural disasters, refugees fleeing from their communities or those living without a place to call home."

I design and create a line of home decor, entertaining and stationery gifts with designs that are all about the great things in our states, towns, and seasons of life. Every item is made by hand in the Midwest. My team and I hand cut and print our fabric for our pillows, tea towels, totes and pouches and sew each piece and I print our greeting cards, art prints, and all product packaging.

Jess & Adam Gardner

Hello Adorn
Fine Handmade Jewelry
Eau Claire

"We're a couple of dreamers. A small business allowed us the opportunity to create happiness. We make beautiful jewelry that makes us just as happy as it makes the people who receive it. We let go of our big dreams for a small dream that would create an opportunity for us to enjoy our lives the way we want to. Together and truly happy. We're still dreaming big, just in a smaller way."

Adam and Jess make beautifully handcrafted jewelry, together. Adorn Jewelry is a jewelry studio located just a few blocks away from The Local Store in downtown Eau Claire, WI.

Jesse Darley & Steve Latham

Beer Cap Maps
Miwaukee / Madison, WI

"We are giving people's love of beer a higher purpose! Now your drinking habit can create a one of kind piece of art that can remind you of all your good beer and fun travels."

What started as a way for founder Jesse's son to display his beloved bottle cap collection has turned into a business that sells maps to beer lovers around the world! They love hearing people's stories, seeing their maps, and enjoying a culture of beer, art, travel, and fun. Beer Cap Maps is a (super) small business based in Madison, and we proudly manufacture all of our maps in Milwaukee, WI.

Julie Maro

Lucy's Soap
Mondovi, WI (Buffalo County)

"Handcrafted on our small family farm, Lucy's Soap is made using the same old fashioned principals of hard work and excellence that would make Grandma proud."

Lucy's Soap is named after great-grandma Lucy who was the inspiration to become a farmer.Unlike many other handcrafted soaps, Lucy's is "Milled". That means it has been melted not once but twice. The benefits of this second melt are that the soap lasts longer and holds its scent longer.

Julie McFadden

eco Urban Timber
Eau Claire

"eco Urban Timber designs artisan products that give Wisconsin’s urban trees a second life, repurposed into kiln-cured, hand-made art for you to enjoy."

Laser etching and natural, no-VOC finishes make these ecologically-sound products polished, touchable, and positively unique. eco Urban Timber items are assembled with pride in an Eau Claire studio.

Julie Teska & Team

Orchard Street Apparel

"We're passionate about helping creative ideas come to life with inks and textiles."

Orchard Street Apparel is a small crew of creatives based in Milwaukee, Wi. We print clothing that is soft on you as it is on the environment. Our designs pay homage to the past while keeping our eyes on the future.


Northville, MI

"I believe in doing something new and creative every day. I love having the freedom to use my creativity to develop new products."

In 2013, Kady left her job as a teacher and began her own business selling unique items for moms & babies. She has three children of her own and runs her small business from her midwest home in Metro Detroit.

Kayla Tafoya

Be Timeless

"Heartfelt and cleverly witted designs that celebrate the everyday and special occasions."

I've always enjoyed making things that evoke a sense of pride and sentimentality. Here in Wisconsin, it's common to connect with people on those levels.

Katherine Lau


"It's hard to remember to embracethe little things when every day tasks becomes overwhelming. I named my business SimplistiCreations, as a constant reminder and to share what motivates me and hopefully, it’ll motivate others to find inspiration in the little things."

SimplistiCreations specializes in laser cut wall decor and jewelry. I hope my creations give you inspiration, whether it’s through big things like intricately cut wall art and inspirational canvases or the small things, like laser cut jewelry.

Katie Dietlin

Chicory Lane & Company
Eau Claire

"My love for interior decorating and all things “crafty” really sparked my interest in hand lettering back in high school and I began making small pieces for friends and family. Eventually, my hobby turned into something that I could share with more than just the people around me and I started my own shop on Etsy. I love that I have the chance to connect with people when they put one of my pieces in their home, it’s really an honor."

Katie Dietlin is a business student at UWEC and she uses canvas and reclaimed wood to create unique, hand painted, and high quality wall décor.

Kevin Lucius

Lucius Art
Chicago, IL

"I love creating my work because it's fun for me and I enjoy making meaningful gifts for people that make them happy."

I make handmade wood block art prints of my digital artwork. Each wood block is made by hand using eco-friendly materials and sustainable birch wood from the pacific northwest.

Kristi Smith

Kiki B Omi Designs
Eau Claire

"I take pride in creating unique items like these bear, fox, and pig Up-cycled Friends that are each handcrafted with equal parts quality and whimsy."

As a stay-at-home mom, Kristi channels her creative energies into her handmade business inspired by her children, who are often seen hanging around her cutting table and sewing machine as she creates.

Leslie Phillips

Orange Pops

"Doing design work is my passion and I most enjoy the experimental process of adding layers of color, filters, and applying new ideas to my work. Thus far, 2018 has been a creative explosion for me. I have a large line of new products available that include mini hanging pieces, pendants and earrings, and stencil printed tea towels."

I feel so much gratitude to be able to work full-time on all of my creations! On any given day you will find me brainstorming new ideas in my studio space located inside a mixed use commercial building in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I tend to gravitate towards bright colors and glossy finishes, and am best known for my epoxy resin-finished coasters.

Linda Osegard

Smitten Sisters
Neillsville, WI

"We sisters have enjoyed creating mittens in our rural Wisconsin homes for about twelve years. The fleece lined mittens are made from recycled 100% wool sweaters, embellished with vintage buttons. It's a joy to watch people smile as they choose a pair of sturdy, colorful and toasty warm mittens as a gift, or to warm their own hands in the long Wisconsin winters."

Linda is a retired school secretary and lives near Neillsville. Joanne is a dietitian whose home is in rural Coon Valley.

Louise Nuemann


"My artworks and paper products are an indulgent little celebration of the things that make life lovely. A plate of pastries, a favorite cocktail, a sense of pride in the place we live. I look to themes that enrich a life or brighten a day. I hope the honest enthusiasm that I bring to my work will translate into a smile on the face of my customers."

English-born illustrator Louise Neumann currently resides in Alabama with her husband, their baby girl, and two sweet dogs.

Lydia Tradewell

Halfmoon Designs Co
Eau Claire

"Creating greeting cards with whimsical illustrations, snarky typography, and quirky design for all occasions is my jam. I absolutely adore any excuse to send some lovin’ and make people smile through ridiculous cards, so why not spread the love? When ideas come I go to the drawing board with pen and paper, and then actualize my illustrations entirely digitally."

Lydia creates whimsy greeting cards right here in Eau Claire.

Maple Valley Cooperative

Cashton, WI

"We love what we do because what we do makes a positive difference in the world we live in."

Maple Valley, a pioneer in organic and fair practices for maple production, was founded in 1991, became a cooperative in 2007, and continues to produce 100% pure and organically produced maple products year after year. As a cooperative, we offer you a high-quality certified organic product free of additives & preservatives. Moreover, we bring you a socially responsible commodity. Great effort has gone into selecting responsible, organically certified woodland farmers whose standards and practices represent stewardship to the environment and our planet. We believe in family scale farming, fair wages for producers and employees, transparency, accountability, and sustainable fair business practices.

JW & Melissa Buchanan

The Little Friends of Printmaking
Wisconsin Transplants in LA

"As designers, we love making the stuff we wish we could buy ourselves. The very idea that our work resonates with other people gives us a sneaky little thrill every day."

We're just a couple of born and bred Wisconsinites living in the California sun making prints and designer doodads for people with a sense of humor. All of our silkscreened prints and items are illustrated and hand-printed by us in our home studio.

Martha Woodworth

Woodworth's Fine Almond Toffee
Eau Claire

Imagine you are standing in my kitchen when the butter, pure cane sugar and Tahitian vanilla begin to bubble and boil. Take a deep breath and notice the rich smell of chocolate slowly melting Mmhmm!"

Purity, price, fair labor practices and environmental issues were endlessly deliberated in the choices for this product and its packaging.

Megan & Erik

Megan Lee Designs
Chicago, IL

We get really happy when you get really happy about our designs. We love to spread a little piece of positivity and fun to people as much as we can.

Each Megan Lee Design is hand-drawn by Megan. Our unique items range from clothing to pillows to prints (with some other stuff thrown in for good measure), all of which are printed by hand in-studio using water-based, environmentally-friendly inks. We strive to create happiness for each of our customers by providing our brand of handmade goodness.

Melissa Todd

Wool n' Feather Farm
Colfax, WI

"The best part of my day is caring for our wonderful animals, keeping them healthy and happy is our priority and in return they provide us the natural wooly goodness."

Wool n' Feather farm is a small fiber farm raising heritage Shetland and Scottish Blackface sheep. After a spring shearing, wool is taken to a local fiber mill to be processed into yarn. Once back, the piece are hand weaved to be sold as finished goods, or as fabrics used in our handbags sewn by Melissa and her talented Mother. No dyes are used on our wool, all colors are the natural shades of their wonderful little sheep. Wool n' Feather Farm raises pampered sheep that produce quality fiber.

Michael & Susie Buenger

Whee Creative
Eau Claire

Michael Buenger is an IT Analyst by day and woodworker by night (and weekend). Together with his wife, Susie, they are a husband and wife team working together to create art, frames and other things in the Chippewa Valley as Whee Creative. He makes custom picture frames using various local hard woods, wood puzzlers and yard games. Michael’s love of woodworking was passed down by his late father and grandfathers.

Whee Creative can also be found on Instagram, Etsy, Facebook and at

Miranda & Matt

The Bitten Mitten

"This company means so much to Miranda as she started it as a place to put her pregnancy hormones to good use after having the honor of being a surrogate for her brother and sister-in-law. Instead of taking care of the babies she had given birth to for her brother and sister-in-law. She wanted to bless other Mom's with teething babies by giving them a product that they could use during a stressful time."

The Bitten Mitten is a Michigan based company that makes unique state themed baby goodies! We love making products that bring extra joy to a very exciting time in families lives!

Nick Endle

Nick's Wood Shop
Eau Claire

"I love woodworking because of the joy (and challenge) that comes with making something entirely by hand, as well as the infinite opportunities for artistic creativity with various wood species, colors, and grain patterns."

Nick’s Wood Shop specializes in small batch and one of a kind wood products for the home including kitchen utensils, cutting boards, small furniture, and more - primarily from locally sourced domestic lumber. Following in the footsteps of his parents and grandparents who are crafters and woodworkers with decades of experience, each piece is handcrafted with heart in Nick's shop on the west side of Eau Claire.

Nick Koenen

"Beer Me" Candles

"I love beer and I love creating things with my hands. beer Me allows me to do both and nothing brings me more happiness than seeing others enjoying something I created."

The idea for beer Me was born out of a love for beer and a hangover. One morning, Nick Koenen woke up to about three dozen empty bottles staring him right in the face. The concept for reusing these bottles and extending the happiness they produce suddenly came to Nick. Three months and a whole bunch of testing later, our first line of candles was launched.

Nick Kosevich & Ira Koplowitz


Bittercube was started by Nick Kosevich and Ira Koplowitz and together have been making drinks come true since 2009. Our bitters are created by hand with real botanicals. No pre-made extracts or flavors are used in our slow-crafted products. We currently have 8 variety of bitters available plus release limited editions on occasion.

Nick Nowaczyk

Urbal Tea

"My motto is heal with herbs, liquid for life. These blends are not only local produced but blended with love and care for the plants."

Nick is a Master Herbalist and UW-Eau Claire alum. He proscribes to the healing powers of herbs. Holistic health is his passion and making medicinal teas with the best dried herbs available is what he does. These herbal infusions provide people with a healthy alternative to coffee, soda and other processed beverages. Urbal Tea hand blends their herbal teas with the finest herbs, roots, fruits and spices. They are stocked full of medicinal benefits including antioxidants, vitamins and trace minerals.

Nikki Hollerich & Anna Hagen

Hagen & Oats
Newport, MN

"We LOVE to inspire women. From using a drill to building a business, we want to help women see that they can do anything! We were taught growing up that we can build anything and that is the message we want to share."

We are two sisters and some tools. Everything we make is done by hand with a scrollsaw! Most of our pieces have over 20 steps in the process. We take pride in our quality and detail.

Patricia Hawkenson

Expressive Domain
Eau Claire

"My business is called Expressive Domain because my Eau Claire home is where all of my varied artistic expressions live."

Working from her home studio, Expressive Domain, Patricia A. Hawkenson is a multi-faceted artist. She creates beautiful jewelry pieces that feature local imagery on one side and stained glass on the reverse.

Powertex Group
Eau Claire

“We’re passionate about what we do and committed to supporting our local artists and creative community.”

Powertex Group designs, develops, and produces branded items for The Local Store from here in Eau Claire.

Rhonda Hartwig & Amy Beck

Ame High Log Crafts
Medford, WI

"Our handcrafted fire pokers continue to be sought after by collectors and gifters alike. We are dedicated to designing and creating the most unique outdoor fire pit poker on the market, selling locally and across the world. Amy and Rhonda take customer satisfaction in very high regard."

Ame High is a small town business located in Medford, Wisconsin selling custom wooden handle outdoor fire pit pokers.

Richard & Gail Ryan

RRustic Turn
Arkansaw, WI

"There is something magical about having the ability to start with a raw product and turn it into a object of useful or cherished beauty."

RRustic Turn offers a variety of wood products turned on a lathe – bowls, ornaments, pens, pendants, key fobs, etc. Combine wood with vintage knobs, reclaimed hardware, glass or fabrics for unique rustic one of a kind décor.

Richard Lorbach

Drink Wisconsinbly

"As the unofficial official lifestyle brand of Wisconsin, we're proud to say Drink Wisconsinbly celebrates and preserves our state’s culture like no other."

We know how to polka and how a true Brandy Old Fashioned should taste. We know that Friday nights are for fish frys and that the rest of the weekend is for tailgating. We swim in its lakes, drink in its taverns and dine in its supper clubs. We know Wisconsin, because we are Wisconsin.

Rob's Rustics


"I am drawn to a simple product, that provides great function, and bit of nostalgia."

Rob's Rustics is a midwestern micro business born out of a love for rustic treasures that are both functional, and aesthetically pleasing. I specialize in rustic cast iron bottle openers and wall hooks.

Robert Wendt

Chetek, WI

"For me, it is more than making money. It’s the passion of doing high-quality woodwork and the excitement that his customers get when they see the final product."

Robert creates high quality items of our state for kitchen use. His high-quality state-shaped cutting boards are a great use for cutting on and from the wood to the finish are made 100% food safe materials. They are a wonderful addition of decor to anyone's kitchen.

Ron Trainor + Family

Trainor's Maple Essence Farms

"Our pure maple syrup is produced locally on the Trainor family farm in Wisconsin. Nature has provided everything we need to make great tasting pure maple syrup."

Maple Essence Farms is tucked in the rolling hills and valleys of beautiful western Wisconsin near Eau Claire and Menomonie, just a short drive from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The pure maple syrup products provide one of Wisconsin's most delicious natural resource.

Ryan Ruebl

Wisco Style
Chippewa Falls, WI

"I love our state! We Wisconsinites are extremely passionate about our traditions, hobbies, and family. Because of this, it inspires me to make apparel to bring a different point of view into what we love!"

Wisco Style hats are designed in Chippewa Falls, WI. The custom hats are of the highest quality and extremely comfortable. The hats are made how we Wisconsinites live, with passion and tradition.

Sachi Komai

Madison, WI

"The greeting cards that I draw and paint reflect the fondness I feel for my hometown and state. I hope that people who share these cards have their own pride and memories of time spent here. I'm inspired by everything from tours of old mining camps to the spicy cheese bread that I buy at the farmer's market."

My sister and I own Anthology, a paper and gift shop located in the heart of downtown Madison. We feature works by over 100 local and indie artists including our own original Wisconsin-themed designs.

Sam & Sarah

Gitchi Adventure Goods
Eau Claire

"We take pride in our commitment to sustainability. From sourcing paper that is FSC and Green Seal certified, to packaging our items in 100% compostable or recyclable materials, to personally making local deliveries by bike, we believe that Mother Nature has treated us pretty darn fabulously, and we strive to return the favor."

Gitchi Adventure Goods creates handmade prints, apparel, and other goods that inspire you to seek adventure in the great outdoors. An homage to their favorite of the Great Lakes, Lake Superior, “Gitchi” is a constant reminder of the profound beauty that can only be experienced in nature. Whether it’s biking, kayaking, or just throwing a hammock up in a local park, they encourage you to get out and find the adventure around you.

Sam Fiore

Low Roads Leather Goods
Eau Claire

"I work with leather because each hide is unique, creating one of a kind pieces with personality. I aim to make both modern and classic functional objects that will stand the test of time."

Low Roads is a series of hand crafted leather goods, made in downtown Eau Claire by Sam Fiore.

Sarah Kirkham & Anna Warren

Tactile Craftworks

"We created Tactile Craftworks because we love the feeling that comes from working with our hands. But more than that, we strive to create goods that are as beautiful to look at as they are satisfying to hold. We aim to make pieces that fit easily into your life, and are durable enough for everyday use."

Tactile Craftworks is a collaboration between crafters Sarah Kirkham and Anna Warren. They met in 2008, and soon realized they shared an aesthetic, a sense of humor, and a love of crafting. Making things is how they put our tiny stamp on the world, and stake our claim in the long tradition of creating that characterizes humanity.

Mackenzie Kavanagh and Janae Breunig

Volume One In-house Design Team

A majority of the products at The Local Store are designed by our in-house designers, Mackenzie Kavanagh and Janae Breunig. Their new ideas and awesome eye for design allows us to always have new, interesting products in the store.

Shelby Banaszak

Eau Claire

"As a teacher, I love children and the joys and challenges of helping them learn, grow, and blossom, but some days are just hard. On those hard days, there is something very therapeutic about sitting at the sewing machine and whipping something up."

Shelby creates sturdy key fobs in a variety of fabrics that appeal to a wide range of personalities.

Stuart & Jackson Sandler

Eau Claire

"At the heart of our father and son business, we feel lucky each day we're able to share our mutual passion with enthusiastic fans and collectors around the world."

Artovision is a pioneering collectibles brand inspired by our earliest experiences playing video arcade games with a pocket full of tokens or blasting away on our Atari home video game computer system. We believe in celebrating the resurgence of this genre of pop culture and its iconic characters, stories and art by creating collectible artwork that we’ve transformed into a new dimension.

We created Artovision to bring 2D artwork into another dimension and we proudly handcraft our products right here in Eau Claire, Wisconsin with materials sourced in the USA.

Sunset Hill Stoneware

Neenah, WI

"Our Wisconsin artisans add their personal fingertip touch into each treasured piece – handcrafted to last a lifetime."

Sunset Hill is America's cleanest greenest pottery with eco-friendly packaging, L.E.D lighting, recycling their kiln heat to heat all the hot water for their potters, dry all of their ware, heat their entire facility and more. These beautiful stoneware pieces are designed in-house and made in Wisconsin. They're hand-thrown pottery pieces that are hand-adhered, hand-dipped in glaze, and ... well you get it – completely made by hand.

Tammy Snider

Emmy Lou Bags
Neenah, WI

After being gifted a sewing machine and sewing for her girls, Tammy quickly became addicted to bag making, creating new bag designs and testing out new styles. Tammy takes real pride in the quality of her work and sources beautiful high quality fabrics. Tammy lives in Neenah, WI with her husband and three kids.

Tim Brudnicki

Eau Claire Woodworks
Eau Claire

"In all of my work, I strive to engage not just the woodworker or craftsman, but the artist within."

Tim and his family reside in rural Eau Claire on a 5 acre “slice of heaven.” Much of their space is used for a tree nursery which more than replenishes the wood volume used in their shop. All of the lumber used is grown locally, obtained primarily from local Amish sawyers.

Wayne Waldner

Chosen Stones
Richland Center, WI

"We choose locally grown Wisconsin hardwoods and then design and create specialty products. Each item is handcrafted by one of our family members."

Wayne is the owner of a small family-run business located in a peaceful valley near Richland Center, WI. With a desire to teach their children the value of diligence and attention to detail, he began a small woodworking business in 2014. They love to create quality handcrafted wood products that are both artistic and utilitarian.

Zach & Robert

Hikers Brew Coffee
Eau Claire

“We found a love for the outdoors, and a love for coffee. Now we’re spreading this love, one pouch at a time, bringing you local, compostable, freshly roasted coffee.”

We believe in helping adventurers bring freshly roasted, “coffee-shop” coffee all the way to the mountaintops. With compostable packaging, we want to help everyone “Pack It Out” and keep our parks as clean and natural as possible. Enjoy a fresh cup of coffee anywhere you go. Our coffee is packed fresh, by hand, just hours after being roasted in Eau Claire WI.