About Us

Volume One magazine is the fast-growing culture and entertainment publication of the Chippewa Valley. We print 14,000 copies every two weeks and distribute them FREE at more than 300 locations in Eau Claire, Menomonie, Chippewa Falls, and beyond. Publishing since 2002, Volume One has an enthusiastic and engaged readership, and has always been focused on bringing interesting local culture forward in the Chippewa Valley. Their signature events are outside-the-box concepts that consistently bring out hundreds of people hungry for something new.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Volume One support itself?

Mostly through smart local businesses and organizations paying for advertising or sponsorships. Also through individuals becoming members, buying V1 swag, and stuff like that.

Is Volume One non-profit?

No. At least we don't aim to be. We're a regular business like any other, it just so happens that (like most non-profits) we're really interested in making our community a better place. We try and do it through outside-the-box events, publications, and ideas.

Why did you start Volume One?

There was a need. We had the energy, we had a little bit of know how, and we knew some people who could help make it good.

Will Volume One print my press release word-for-word?


Can I get a subscription to Volume One?

Of course! Visit our webshop to order a subscription online.

Can I get back issues of Volume One?

Yes. You can pick up back issues (all the way to the beginning!) at our office at 205 N. Dewey Street. You can grab one or two for free, any more will cost you a few bucks.

Who or what owns Volume One?

Volume One has been locally conceived, owned, and operated since day one. There is no corporate ownership, no parent company, no franchise.

Can I be a vendor at a Volume One event?

Maybe. Some fees and forms may apply, and some county/city licenses may be necessary. Contact us at mail@volumeone.org to learn more.

Can I get a job at Volume One?

Maybe. Go here to learn more.

The V1 Backstory … Abridged.

The idea was conceived by two local guys, Nick Meyer and Dale Karls, in November of 2001 with a series of heated discussions about Eau Claire arts and entertainment, what to do with their free time, and the publishing world.

Work began on the first issue (a small, 24 page, black and white magazine) right around Jan 1st of 2002, with 2,000 copies hitting the streets in mid-March of 2002.

Since then, the look, content, and goals of the magazine have gone through dozens of changes with one thing remaining constant - its mission.

Volume One is here to help people enjoy the cultural riches of the Chippewa Valley, and to entertain them in the process.

Now residing in a great downtown loft office space, printing 14,000 copies, distributing at more than 300 area locations, and reaching an industry estimated 45,000 readers - Volume One is poised to make its mark on the Chippewa Valley and help launch a creative revolution.