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Volume One Speaks

Staff and leadership of Volume One are frequently invited to speak on a variety of topics to a range of different audiences. We've covered realms including the future of media, economic development, social media, community leadership, and more. While we are unable to take time away from our regular duties for every request, we try to accommodate as many as we can and frequently appear with multi-media presentations packed full of photos, video, and more.

Here's a list of some of our past public appearances:

Community & Arts Talks

  • "Jubilee," annual ECRAC fundraiser, keynote address & host - Nick Meyer
  • Leadership Eau Claire "Arts Day" Talk (multiple) - Nick Meyer
  • Menomonie Chamber "Arts & Tourism Day" Talk (multiple) - Nick Meyer, Mike Paulus
  • Friends of the EC Regional Arts Center - Nick Meyer
  • Eau Claire's first Big Read Event - Mike Paulus
  • First Congregational Church - Nick Meyer
  • Kiwanis Club (various chapters) - Nick Meyer
  • Rotary Club (various chapters) - Nick Meyer
  • Menomonie Chamber "Arts Day" Talk - Shawn Brunner

Business-Oriented Talks

  • How Businesses Work with the Media (SCORE) - Nick Meyer
  • Women's Business Conference (Eau Claire) - Nick Meyer, Mike Paulus
  • Business Marketing (CVTC) - Shawn Brunner
  • Social Media Panel (EC Chamber) - Nick Meyer

Media-Themed Talks

  • Leadership Eau Claire "Media Day" Talk (multiple) - Nick Meyer
  • Blogging and Social Media for Downtowns (Wausau) - Mike Paulus
  • Communication and Journalism Org (UWEC) - Nick Meyer
  • Alternative Newspapers (UWEC) - Micheal Huggins
  • Social Networks (CV School Press Journalism Conference) - Mike Paulus
  • Impact of Media Ethics (UWEC) - Trevor Kupfer
  • V1's Role in Local Media (UW-Stout) - Nick Meyer
  • Society of Professional Journalists - Trevor Kupfer

Academic-Oriented Talks

  • Magazine & Web Editing (UWEC) - Mike Paulus
  • Magazine Editing & Design (UWEC) - Trevor Kupfer
  • Illustration and Cover Art (UWEC, multiple times) - Nick Meyer, OJ Hornung, Brian Moen
  • Column Writing (CV School Press Journalism Conference, multiple times) - Mike Paulus
  • Humor Writing (CV School Press Journalism Conference) - Mike Paulus
  • Running a Literary Magazine (CV School Press Journalism Conference) - Karline Koehler
  • Managerial Editing (CV School Press Journalism Conference) - Karline Koehler
  • Sports Writing (CV School Press Journalism Conference) - Ken Szymanski

Youth-Oriented Talks

  • Meeting the Authors (Lakeshore Elementary) - Trevor Kupfer
  • Western Dairyland Spring Break into Biz - Nick Meyer
  • South Middle School Ren Faire - Nick Meyer, Dale Karls

"Celebrity" Guest Judging

  • Fashion Without Fabric '09 (UW-Stout) - Nick Meyer
  • 48-Hour Film Festival (multiple times) - Nick Meyer, Trevor Kupfer, Micheal Huggins
  • Tailgates Karaoke Contest - Eric Rasmussen
  • Chili Cook-Off Tasting (CVTC) - Nick Meyer
  • Fashion Without Fabric '10 (UW-Stout) - Kinzy Janssen

TV, Radio Appearances

  • WAYY Murphy in the Morning (multiple) - Nick Meyer, Dale Karls, Eric Rasmussen
  • WQOW Morning Show (multiple) - Eric Rasmussen, Shawn Brunner, Trevor Kupfer, Nick Meyer
  • WPR Spectrum West (multiple) - Nick Meyer, Dale Karls, etc…
  • WQOW Series with Steve Betchkal (multiple) - Eric Rasmussen

If you’re interested in having someone from Volume One speak at your conference or event, or to your organization, business, or class, please email Nick Meyer at: nick@volumeone.org(nick (at) volumeone [d0t] org,)