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we scoured a few local hotspots for the most fashion-forward individuals we could find to talk about their unique style

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The Right Night Out

Oakwood Mall fashion boutique gives back and looks good doing it

It might sound odd to have a small fashion boutique in the center of a large, box-store mall, but that didn’t stop Kim and Adam Verheyden from going outside the box to open ...

Transform Your Look ... for Good

local experts perfect the ‘microblading’ technique for amazing semi-permanent brows

It’s been said that the average woman spends about an hour a day doing her hair and makeup, so it’s no surprise that time-saving permanent ...

Formal Thinking, Casual Approach

Casual Ore Formal wants customers to wear comfortable creations

Casual Ore Formal occupies a studio as bright and cheery as the business’ punny name. In the showroom there you’ll find both daily wear jewelry and examples of top-shelf pieces, all done under the hand of Elizabeth Griggs, a highly trained, committed, and enthusiastic artist ...

Passion for Fashion

UW-Stout apparel program weave together artistic drive, technical training

New York, Paris, Milan … Menomonie? The juxtaposition of the small western Wisconsin city with the international capitals of fashion isn’t as unusual as it first appears. Menomonie’s UW-Stout is home to a highly regarded Apparel Design and Development Program, which hones students’ technical and creative skills ...

Style on a Budget

buying used clothes can be eco-friendly, wallet-friendly, and stylish all at once

A few years ago, I took my first leap toward a more eco-friendly closet, and I’ve been leaping ever since. There is something magical about giving new life to gently used clothes that may have otherwise ended up at the landfill. Of course, it helps to live in the Chippewa Valley, which has more than 20 thrifty shops ...

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