Flair for Your Hair

Chip’s makes local hair products for men

Natalie Derks

Do you need help taming your hair? Well, you’re in luck – there’s a local line of men’s hair products coming out called Chip’s High Maintenance, and it’s sure to do just the trick. Chip’s High Maintenance is a new line created by Dustin Cota of Cota Creative and Chapin Turner – also known as local rapper Skotty Benz – of Chip’s Barbershop. Cota and Turner came together to create the line a few years ago. Turner had a popular shop going, so Cota, who was interested in fashion, approached him. They collaborated on the line for a while, making many changes as they went. “I remember bringing it up to my bosses that clients want to be able to reenact that exact look you create in the shop,” Turner said. “Of course, with owning a barbershop and having a family, I knew I’d need help with a line.” Naturally, Chip’s Barbershop influences the line in many other ways. Cota explained that Turner knows what his clients want and has the inside scoop on what’s trending today. A lot of his current customers are buying Chip’s line products. Chip’s High Maintenance products are all-natural and made in the USA. They are high-quality yet affordable, they smell good, and they last all day, according to Turner. Overall, Cota and Turner want to give their customers self-confidence. “We both don’t have the most traditional past …” Cota said. “We’ve made mistakes just like anybody else. So, we have a mission to help people in the area. We try to help people in whatever way we can.” For example, once a month, Turner cuts hair for the homeless at Positive Avenues. It’s doing things like this, it seems, that keeps Turner and Cota motivated. “Aside from my family, what keeps me motivated is someone’s mood change when they get their hair done, and they turn around and smile,” Turner said. “It’s like they shed their skin—like a snake.  There’s an energy change, and it’s rewarding when they enjoy the look they sport.” Eventually, Cota and Turner hope to expand their line of products and sell to larger retailers. “We want to perfect what we have so far and launch related products like cologne and body wash,” Cota said. “Maybe down the line we’ll open up a women’s segment.” Although their products are currently only available at Chip’s Barbershop, they hope to eventually sell in larger retailers.

If you’d like to purchase a product from the Chip’s High Maintenance line, you can find them at Chip’s Barbershop at 427 Water St. in Eau Claire. Learn more at facebook.com/chipshighmaintenance.