Where can my folks stay while visiting?

333 Gibson St., Eau Claire

Eau Claire is home to some swanky new hotels your parents will love. The freshly renovated Lismore Hotel features 112 rooms bathed in natural light, offering great views of the downtown area. Inside, you’ll find The Informalist, a full service locally sourced restaurant; Dive, a gorgeous bar with a rooftop lounge; and ECDC, a café and bakery offering fresh food, coffee, and after-hours drinks and desserts. Right in the heart of the city, you family will find plenty local action.

516 Galloway St. Eau Claire

The Oxbow Hotel offers a unique stay with its woodsy “modern lodge” vibe, featuring funky amenities like in-room turntables and a vinyl library to check out records. Also located downtown, The Oxbow offers easy access to the Eau Claire River and Chippewa River recreation trail (which you can see up close with their bike and kayak rentals). It also houses The Lakely – a farm-to-table eatery with unique food, live music, and craft cocktails.