YOU CAN GET A LOT DONE in the library or holed up in your room, but sometimes you just need to get out and work in the quiet bustle of a coffee shop. Luckily, Eau Claire has you covered with plenty of the glorious java right near campus.


3830 Talmadge Road, Eau Claire
10 min. drive from UW-Eau Claire
(715) 514-2806

Best coffee shop around. I LOVE the modern style and layout, it’s a perfect place to meet people and work.

natasha from Google Reviews


333 Gibson Street Eau Claire
5 min. drive from UW-Eau Claire
(715) 318-6461

Tucked inside the Lismore hotel in downtown Eau Claire you’ll find ECDC (Eau Claire Downtown Coffee). Expect high-quality coffee drinks and food in a swanky space, including a fireplace lounge. The menu includes grab-and-go breakfasts and salads, made-to-order paninis, and fresh baked goods. A great late night venue with drinks, desserts, and baked goods. There’s lots to love and it’s a really great study spot too.


505 S. Barstow St., Eau Claire
15 min. walk from UW-Eau Claire
(715) 832-9090

Bright sunshine filters through the windows on a Saturday or Sunday at Acoustic Café, which makes it a perfect place to clear your mind and work – or attempt to. The full coffee bar will bring you in, but the baked goods keep you around and let you power through your essay/Powerpoint/diorama fueled by the power of muffins. Add in a full menu of hoagies, soups, and more and you can stick around all day – or all week.


615 Graham Ave, Eau Claire
10 min. walk from UW-Eau Claire
(715) 514-5060

Nestled right on the edge of downtown Eau Claire is one of the coolest and most unique cafés this side of the Chippewa River. SHIFT Cyclery + Coffee Bar is half coffeeshop, half bike shop, and it’s got a warm, welcoming vibe whether you’re getting some work done, tuning up your bike, or hanging out with pals. They’ve got kombucha on tap, tons of coffee options, and delicious waffles to keep you going. Check out their calendar for live music, art shows, social bike rides, and food truck appearances.


4212 Southtowne Dr., Eau Claire
11 min. drive from UW-Eau Claire
(715) 834-1733

The Coffee Grounds is a casual, European-style café plopped into the middle of a gourmet food/coffee/beer/wine/cigar giftshop. They offer a variety of baked goods, homemade soups, and fresh unique sandwiches. They roast their own beans, offer outdoor seating, vegetarian friendly foods, and breakfast is served all day. A little out of the way from campus (closer to the mall), Coffee Grounds is still a great place for lunch, studying, or buying beans.


336 Water St., Eau Claire
7 min. walk from UW-Eau Claire
(715) 831-4491

Sometimes it's good to work with others, but often you get the most done alone. The Goat is the prime place to hunker down with a latte, throw some headphones on, and take care of business. The rows of booths and single tables let you spread your work out all over the place without intruding. The coffee will keep you focused and alert. And, most importantly come finals week, the calming greens and blues will keep you from snapping your pencil in half.


404 Riverside Ave.,
7 min. walk from
UW-Eau Claire
(715) 834-0000

RACY’S IS THE EPITOME OF THE HIP COLLEGE COFFEE SHOP. The dark, moody vibe combines vintage, well-worn furniture, trinkets, antiques, and art to give the place a comfortable feel that inspires good work. And that’s saying nothing about the coffee (rated among the best in the Chippewa Valley for years). You can also snag blenders, teas, sodas, juices, or even step into The Nucleus next door for some of the best breakfast and brunch options around.