I MEAN, THAT’S KIND OF A PERSONAL QUESTION, but sure. We’re Volume One (makers of this handy guide) and we’re here to help make your time in Eau Claire as awesome as possible. Here’s some of what we do:

Volume One Magazine

Every two weeks we make a magazine that’s full of news, arts, culture, and plenty of events in the coming weeks. You can pick up the new issue every other Thursday around campus and at coffee shops, restaurants, stores, and a ton of other places around the area.


On top of all that stuff in the mag, you can check us out your favorite digital device for more event listings, more photos, and just generally more awesomeness. We also have plenty of local guides and resources (like for restaurants and bars) that’ll help you quickly learn more about the area.

Volume One Events

We’re constantly putting on our own events including our Sounds Like Summer Concert series, which brings 1,500+ people to Phoenix Park every Thursday in the summer for live local music, or Chalkfest, our annual chalk art festival taking place in the summer on UWEC’s campus mall!

The Local Store

Our retail wing of Volume One is The Local Store – 205 N. Dewey St., or online at thelocalstore.org. We have tons of gifts, T-shirts, postcards, and the like all about Eau Claire, the Chippewa Valley, and Wisconsin. We recently expanded to include even more awesome local stuff!