Coming This Fall: New Bon Iver ... Album?

Eric Christenson

Well, judging by a prototypically cryptic teaser video that dropped this morning, it’s looking like there’s some more Bon Iver music on its way by the end of the year. The band, headed up by Justin Vernon and featuring an extended family of collaborators, posted the video called “Sincerity is Forever in Season,” where Michael Perry’s voice seems to hint that a new record – or something – will come this fall.

“Bon Iver, born of winter,” Perry reads. “Bloomed in spring, stutter-shimmered into summer … and now, it might be autumn … it might be.”

The video features a bunch of nature-y imagery, there’s a wolf in there and a butterfly, woods, water, sunlight, some classic Bon tunes from their previous records, and the tagline “Keep it Restaurant.”

This comes after the band released two singles last month “Hey Ma” and “Man (U Like)” and directed fans toward a cool, chaotic blog called which is full of aesthetic images, text grabs, bizarre photography, band news, and lots more stuff.

So, something’s coming. It’s most likely an album – the band’s fourth. But with Bon Iver, you can never be too sure – which makes writing about it super fun and not awkward at all. So rather than speculate wildly, maybe we’ll just wait and see what happens next.

Eric Christenson

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