Walkin’ and Talkin’ - Good vibes are key for local filmmaking duo

Caitlin Boyle


One local couple is highlighting the things the growing city of Eau Claire has to offer by walking around talking to people about what things they like to do in town.

Husband-wife duo Micah and Genevieve Davis are the brains behind the web series Walk About Talk About. Micah, a videographer, records Genevieve going to events and popular spots in Eau Claire simply to talk to people. Their first episode of Walk About Talk About was filmed in April 2017, and the couple are always looking for new and exciting things to highlight.

The idea behind Walk About Talk About came when Micah was preparing to film the Eaux Claires Music & Arts  Festival as a videographer at Valley Media Works. He desperately wanted to get a media pass for his wife, Genevieve. The couple then thought she could ask people questions on-camera and be the host of a brand-new show. 

To gain experience, they filmed the pilot episode in downtown Eau Claire and found that most people warmly agreed to be filmed and were open to vibing with them. After this first positive experience, Micah and Genevieve discovered that something special had begun. Since then, they has become more intentional about using the show as a vehicle for creating an uplifting experience for participants, bystanders, and viewers while highlighting positive aspects of the Chippewa Valley community.

“We think it’s pretty cool that we’re a married couple making this show together,” they said. They now independently produce the show through their creative studio, Soul Shine Photography.

The couple has a decent selection of videos to watch that not only feature the Eaux Claires fest but also the Eau Claire Downtown Farmers Market and the Blue Ox Music Festival. Now, Genevieve and Micah are focusing on their upcoming projects.

“We just released an episode about healing filmed at the Wonders of Nature grand opening,” Micah said. “We’re planning on shooting an episode about biking in Eau Claire this spring.” A busing episode sponsored by Eau Claire Transit will premiere sometime this winter.

They’re not going to stop there, though. There are a lot of activities throughout Eau Claire that they hope to highlight in future episodes, and their list is long. At the top is filming a yoga episode at the International Day of Yoga event. Tuesday Night Blues during the summer would be a natural fit, along with disc golf at Mount Simon Park, gardening, and floating down the Chippewa River.

Husband-and-wife duo Micah and Genevieve Davis (left and right) are talent behind the web series Walk About Talk About.
Husband-and-wife duo Micah and Genevieve Davis (left and right) are talent behind the web series Walk About Talk About.

The couple believes Walk About Talk About is spreading positive energy, and they want to keep making more episodes. In order to do that, they would like to partner with thre to seven local, community-oriented, uplifting, mindful businesses or organizations for each episode. Walk About Talk About is about having fun, enjoying life, and choosing to focus on the good things happening in Eau Claire and make connections within the community.

Learn more at facebook.com/watatv