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Things the Chippewa Valley is Bad At

Like many of us, when the calendar flipped from December to January, the Chippewa Valley took a hard look at itself and made some resolutions. First, the area is well aware of its growing problem with affordable housing, as developers have looked to entice the young professionals and families moving to the area, instead of making sure current residents have places to live. It’s second resolution is an outcropping of the first: a lack of affordable housing has also exacerbated the problems of our community’s homeless residents. That issue was explored deeply in a feature story titled "No Place To Call Home," thanks to reporting from renowned local journalist Julian Emerson. Rounding out the list of 2022 goals is a problem that has persisted for years: methamphetamine abuse and production continues to plague our entire region. This is something local health departments are working to educate the public about. –Eric Rasmussen