Best of the Chippewa Valley

Rules & Guidelines

Are you a business or individual hoping to promote the reader poll? Scroll down for some tips and guidelines.

1. Use our free promotional materials!

We've got free promotional materials available for you to download and use directly on your website, Facebook, and even your brick and mortar store. These materials include customizable posters, table tents, web banners and more with easy to type tiny URLs and QR codes. Download here.

2. Check all the categories to make sure you're included.

We do our best to populate each category before the poll starts, but every once in a while we'll miss something. Make sure to check all the categories you fit in, and add yourself anywhere you're missing.

3. Be careful about nominating yourself more than once.

A few categories allow you to enter multiple times, but be careful. You may think you have five appetizers worthy of the "Best Appetizer" category, but that doesn't mean you should add all five. Doing so may create unnecessary competition for yourself, and you will likely land more votes with just a couple strong entries.

4. Don't bribe people for votes.

Exchanging free or discounted goods and services for votes is prohibited, including suggesting that any other organization would benefit from supporting you or your business in the poll. Doing so may be perceived as a form of bribery and can get you banned from the poll or cause the category to be removed entirely.

Contact us if you have questions:

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