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Best of the Chippewa Valley Reader Poll


Are you a business or individual hoping to promote the reader poll? Scroll down for some tips and guidelines.

How do I vote in the poll?

How It Works:

1) Sign in, or grab a free account if you don’t already have one. Sorry to make you do that, but it’s necessary to have a secure, fair, and accurate poll. Sign in here.

2) Click the “vote” button next to the stuff you like. Check out the categories and vote for as many things as you like. You can only cast one vote per item but you can “un-vote” by clicking the button again (if you changed your mind).

3) You can add options to each poll. Let us repeat that ... you can add options to each poll. YOU! That’s how it works – Volume One does not add poll options, you do.

How many times can I vote?

You may cast one vote per option in every question. So for example, if you just can’t decide on your favorite Mexican place, you can vote for more than one! You may also come back at any time during the voting period and vote for more options, and you can even UN-vote previous selections by clicking the button again.

BUT to be clear, the system does not allow anyone to vote multiple times for a single option.

How many questions ARE there?

A lot. Each year, we pack a lot of questions into the pool, but we don’t expect you to vote on everything – just the stuff you really care about.

Geez, do I have to vote in EVERY QUESTION?

No, not at all. Just skip around and vote on the stuff you care about. You can vote on a few things each day if you want. However – if you do vote in every single question, people will tell tales of your stamina and willpower for generations to come.

Does Volume One nominate/add the options we vote on?

Nope! You do. Learn how below.

Note: To get the ball rolling, we will often add options from past years and sometimes add in new/relevant options, but these options are not added as a formal “nomination” and certainly not an endorsement. These options were added by readers in years past.

Hey, my business/band/name isn’t on here. How can I get added to the poll as an option?

You are able to add yourself at any time. At the bottom of each poll there lies a field labeled “Add Your Own.” When you fill that out, your option will be added to that question for all to vote upon. No need to contact us about something being left off. It’s ok for you to add it!

BUT FIRST, double-check to make absolutely sure the option you want to add hasn’t already been added as a choice. Sometimes people submit slightly varied names to the poll, so stay sharp, because double entries can confuse voters and negatively impact your results.

Note: To get the ball rolling, we will often add options from past years and sometimes add in new/relevant options, but these options are not added as a formal “nomination” and certainly not an endorsement. These options were added by readers in years past.

Hey, I’m listed as an option but I want to add my website and a photo and stuff like that. What do I do?

Email support at bestof@volumeone.org – to request changes, listing the poll question and the option.

How can I encourage people to vote for me?

There are a number of ways businesses, organizations, or individuals can encourage their fans to vote. And a number of ways they are NOT allowed to encourage votes (bribes, etc).  See "Tips & Guidelines" below to learn more.

There should totally be a question for best lawn dart tournament, etc. How do I get new questions/categories added to the poll?

If you have a suggestion for a question to add to the poll, email mike@volumeone.org and request your addition. No promises, but we’ll consider it.

What do I get if I place in the poll? Is there an award?

If our readers vote you into a top spot on the poll (meaning top three), you will be listed as such in our results issue, which is typically released in early February.

You also get a handsome (and free) certificate of recognition, plus bragging rights if that’s your thing.  

In response to requests from several winners, in 2018 we started offering top vote-getters the option to purchase a special, locally-made wooden plaque. This is totally optional – it does not affect your ranking/placement at all. The price of this award – just $35 – covers the design time and materials of the local business that handcraft them.

What is “The Best Night?” Must I attend to get my award?

The Best Night is a huge party thrown by Volume One to celebrate the Best of the Chippewa Valley and our annual Chippewa Valley Vanguard Awards. Anyone can attend, regardless of the poll or winner status. There is music and food and drinks and engaging entertainment. Learn more: VolumeOne.org/bestnight

However! Top vote-getters DO NOT need to attend. If you placed in the top three of a poll question, you are locked in as a winner and nothing changes that! You also do not need to attend The Best Night to pick up your free certificate and/or wooden plaque (if you purchased one). You may stop by our office to pick those up – 205 N. Dewet Street in downtown Eau Claire. Please call ahead if you can.

HOLY CRAP! I won and I got an email and it said I need to buy an award for $200+?!?!?

Woah there, buddy! We’re glad you checked here first because that email was not from us or our partners. So be assured, Volume One is not scamming you for large quantities of money.

Since the beginning of “Best Of” polls there have been national companies preying on the winners, selling unapproved, astronomically expensive plaques. Don’t get duped. The only award we sell to winners is described above – a very affordable, locally made wooden plaque – and it is not a profit scheme.

If you’re not sure if a communication is from us, email bestof@volumeone.org(bestof (at) volumeone [d0t] org,) to double check.

Businesses & Individuals
Tips and Guidelines

Notes for businesses/individuals promoting the poll: To make sure you're well represented, please take a couple of minutes to read our helpful tips below.

1. Use our free promotional materials!

We've got free promotional materials available for you to download and use directly on your website, Facebook, and even your brick and mortar store. These materials include customizable posters, table tents, web banners and more with easy to type tiny URLs and QR codes. Download here.

2. Check all the categories to make sure you're included.

We do our best to populate each category before the poll starts, but every once in a while we'll miss something. Make sure to check all the categories you fit in, and add yourself anywhere you're missing.

3. Be careful about nominating yourself more than once.

A few categories allow you to enter multiple times, but be careful. You may think you have five appetizers worthy of the "Best Appetizer" category, but that doesn't mean you should add all five. Doing so may create unnecessary competition for yourself, and you will likely land more votes with just a couple strong entries.

4. Don't bribe people for votes.

Exchanging free or discounted goods and services for votes is prohibited, including suggesting that any other organization would benefit from supporting you or your business in the poll. Doing so may be perceived as a form of bribery and can get you banned from the poll or cause the category to be removed entirely.

Contact us if you have questions:
bestof@volumeone.org(bestof (at) volumeone [d0t] org,)
(715) 552-0457