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Best New Mural

If there’s one good thing that hit the Chippewa Valley in the past year, it’s the proliferation of stunning murals in downtown Eau Claire. Atop the list is the “Black Lives Matter” mural at The Lismore (333 Gibson St., Eau Claire), which was painted by local designer Brittany Tainter. On a similar level of fierceness is the “Our Lady of Dissent” mural of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg at Artisan Forge Studios (1106 Mondovi R., Eau Claire) by Enamel Hands. And there’s nothing quite as wholesome as the "Love is the Key" mural at The Metro (201 E. Lake St., Eau Claire) painted by Rehannah Petska. Special shoutout to all the other cool murals that popped up around the area. Here’s to more great public art! –Rebecca Mennecke